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Help Absess on foot

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Hi all,
When my kitty Karma first came to me she had an absess on her back foot that was bleeding and pussy. It was taken care of at the shelter, see my post in the new member section for the full story. They drained it and gave her antibiotics. That was about a month ago. Two days ago I notice that the same foot in the same spot was swollen and sore to the touch. I don't know what she did or where it came from. I have kept an eye ont for the last day and noticed today that she had licked it raw and it is now bleeding again. No puss this time, yet. She is still eating, drinking water and playing hard. It does not seem to bother her to put her weight on it, she only complains when I try to touch it to get a good look at it. She is not limping or anything. We can't afford to take her to the vet untill next week.

What can I do to help her untill I can get her in to see some one? Can I soak it in something. If I wrap it up will she just rip through the bandage? Is neosporen safe to use? Would a warm compress help drain it?

I just want to help her and make sure she is comfy untill next week.
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If it is an abscess it needs a vet. If you are a client, most vets will work with you on payments. Her wound needs to be looked at, possibly debreeded and she needs antibiotics. Because of where it is, it is susceptible to open infection from her litter pan. I would switch to shredded newspaper or even rabbit food (green pellets) until the wound completely goes away.

Abscesses are tricky- they can go bad pretty quick.
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