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New familyt memeber, Otis

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I'd like to introduce the newest member of out family, a 11 months old male, DSH names Otis. We adopted hime form the local Humane Society 4 weeks ago. Since then have had him neutered and he has become the most affectionate pet ever. He has no brothers or sisters yet, but we are working onthat, you see, Otis is very sick. He was diagnosed with the rare feline disease Megaesophagus. We have a wonderful vet and right now we are making the most comforatable possible. That includes a fairly liquid diet and watching closely what he eats and drinks. The worst that can happens is he contract pneumonia. He lives totally inside and with two lovely professional adults. Three grandaughter who love him dearly and pamper him every chance they get. We're not looking for sympathy, just sharing the most incredible animal that we could have been blessed with. Of anyone else has delte with this disease, Id love to hear from you. Otis and I wish everyone a happy holiday season and hope to hear from you soon.
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Welcome NanaT!!! Your Otis sounds like a wonderful little guy!! And thumbs up to you for taking on such a needy kitty!! Very commendable! Otis sounds adorable!! I just love kitties that like to snuggle It is sad that he is ill, but Im sure that with you and all the love and attention and care its obvious he alreday gets, he'll have a long and happy life!!

Im sorry I don't have any comments on the illness for you, but I don't know anything about it, though Im sure some people here will.

Love and kisses to Otis!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! Otis sounds like a very special kitty (and he has very special people, too)! Like Bodlover, I don't have any experience with this disease, but just wanted to welcome you.

Loves to Otis from me and my two babies!
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Hi and welcome to you and Otis! Its glad to see a new face here. Thats great that you took Otis in and are giving him a nice loving home. Yeah!
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Hello. Sorry to hear that you cat has megaesophagus. I was browsing the internet cause I was curious what that condition was, and I found this web site http://www.marvistavet.com/html/megaesophagus.html Thought you'd like to see it, if you haven't seen it already.
Take care,
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Hey, welcome It's so good to hear of such a touching story!! I'm so glad there are people like you in this world to nurture sick animals!! Good to have you here...
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