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Going on a Trip, What to do with littler box

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My kitty wants me to scoop her littler box once -twice daily, if she found it too full / smelly, she'd refuse to used it, wait until i scoop it and then go. (but it's a very big little box already)

Problem is i'm going away for 1 night on xmas, should i put an extra litter box beside the original one so she could use it while i'm away and can't scoop her litter? If i do put an EXTRA litter box, after i come home and remove it, would she think it's the spot for her and starts peeing on the floor where the extra box was?

any suggestions?
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You should never leave a cat alone without a backup plan. What happens if you hit bad weather or get delayed for whatever reason? With so many pet sitters in your area that would be a good option for you to look into.
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I've had litter boxes all over my place and they've never used the spot where the litter box was but it may vary cat to cat. If you put it right next to the other one I doubt she'd have a problem confusing it with the carpet so that's probably a good option.
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fFor a back up plan, yes I do agree. Have someone ready to call in case you get stuck. But to answer your question, if you put the second box next to the first, she shouldn't have a problem. It is a good idea to have one more litterbox then you have cats, however, so you might want to just look into leaving the second box in the house. It would also be good too since your cat is so picky, what if you get stuck at work extra shifts or something? or a sudden thing comes up like that? It might be a good idea to have another box there anyways.

So I would put the second box down, and your cat should be fine overnight. But call a neighbor or good friend and make sure they would be able to come over the next day if something were to keep you from coming back.
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yup i do have backup plans ready in case anything happens, so dont' worry.
i live in a very small apartment so it's kinda hard to put another littler box, but i'd definitely think about it.
thanks for the replies.
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I live in a studio apartment, so when I'm there, I only have one jumbo box for Ollie... but if I go away for a weekend, I set up his old one right in the kitchen and I come back and he's used both and never will go on the kitchen floor just cuz his other box is there sometimes... so even if it's in a weird place that you couldn't keep it all the time, I think her instincts would kick in to use it even if it's not right next to her normal box... and definitely a good idea to have a backup plan too!
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