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Hypothermia, a poor kitty's tragic end....

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I went to my shed out back tonight and was startled. A cat, one that I have seen around the neighborhood before, was laying on the floor. When I looked closer with the flashlight I saw that he wasn't breathing. His fur looked like it had been wet but had frozen in place. It had rained all day yesturday and last night was very cold, in the teens. I imagine he finally found shelter in my shed since I keep the door cracked and just couldn't bring his body temperature back up. He was laying on his side and looked as if he might have moved around a bit cause he had some dirt on him from the shed floor. Their wasn't anything for him to warm up to since that part of the shed is empty just has a few tools hanging up on the wall. I feel so bad, maybe if I would have let my garage door open or something he might have made it. What do you guys think? He was a great cat, he played with mine on many occasions. I'm not sure if he had a real home, I figured his owners lived around her somewhere since he was so tame. I just wish I could have found him in time.
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I'm so sorry that you had to find him. It is very difficult to tell if they appear to be average in weight and clean if they are someone's indoor outdoor kitty or a very fortunate stray. I have been on the lookout for my neighbor's cats and was going to let them have an earful if I saw them. They don't have any shelter for them outdoors either. Luckily, it appears they had a moment of mental clarity and must have taken them in
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Oh, poor little kitty. Rest in peace, lonely guy. I'm sad that you did not have a nice warm place to snuggle and stay warm. Now you are over the Bridge, forever in a sunny place.

Condolences on the loss of this kitty. How sad to find him like that!
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You are an angel to have found him. I know it hurts to think he was in discomfort, but let me put your mind and heart at a tiny bit of ease, in that hypothermia will make an animal, similar to a human, very sleepy. They fall into a painless stupor and nature protects them, to an extent. Like if you fell asleep in the snow. He's not suffering now and in heaven. Bless you for finding him ~~
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The poor baby I hate these cold winters because i can't help but think that theres some poor animal out there

Hopefully the poor thing is now as warm as toast safely over the bridge
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I'm so sorry you had to find this poor cat. Bless you for caring about him. I have no doubt he's now safe, warm and happy. RIP sweet kitty.
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I am so sorry! Poor kitty! RIP, little one.
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Don't blame yourself for this please! How terrible for you to go thru this!!

A few things I've learned about cats from my ferals over the years is that a healthy cat will usually keep itself dry and they can tolerate very cold temps. It was -11F the other morning when we woke up and the ferals found places to keep themselves warm overnight. This poor baby was probably ill or injured. There was nothing that you could have done.

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You can praise yourself for the things you did do. You knew this cat.
You offered him love and companionship when he played with your cat.
Im sure you offered food and shelter in the past.
It is a sad tragic ending to this cats life. but you could "what if" yourself to death. Learn from the experience and praise the memories you have of his life.
Im sure you offered him a decent burial and resting place where he will pass over the rainbow bridge to never feel cold touch him again.
Just by sharing his life you have given us all a chance to know and share in your feeling of loss.
RIP little kitty.
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Poor kitty. RIP sweety. I agree with momofmany, it sounds like an illness or injury of some sort might have played a role. I am sorry you had to see him like that, you are kind to have cared about him.
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that breaks my heart hearing something like that. i cant imagine one of my on cats dying so helpless like that
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How horrible for the little guy. I'm so sorry you had to find him. Hopefully if you see cats outside in the future, you'll get them in right away and try to find their owner or a new home for them. That's a horrible way to die...
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