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Please Help!! Weird Spot on Ear!!

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I just noticed a red, hairless spot on Shorty’s left ear. It’s almost looks like a burn and feels crusty to the touch. I have no idea what it is or where it came from, but I’m worried to death! I am keeping my fingers crossed that my vet can fit us in sometime tomorrow, but I was hoping someone here might have some insight.

The only thing we recently did was give him ear mite medication 7 days ago, but I can’t see how it would be an allergic reaction... it’s already been 7 days, and when the vet administered the first round of ear mite meds almost a month ago, nothing happened.

I haven’t had the stove on and we have no furnaces at home that get hot, so I’m baffled! He’s not scratching at it, and doesn’t seem to flinch when I touch it. Little Pete sometimes licks his ear as they groom each other, but I can’t see how some licks could do this. If anyone can think of anything, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve only had the kittens a couple of months and these are my first cats (I’ve only had dogs), so I’m definitely a newbie. The first week I adopted them Little Pete got very sick and had to stay in an animal hospital for 4 nights, so I’ve become a bit of an overprotective mother! Again, it’s a red, hairless, spot that is crusty to the touch on his left ear. THANK YOU!
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It could be so many things. I'm glad that you are calling the vet tomorrow Hope it is nothing serious.
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Personally, I wouldn't touch it. It might be ringworm which is highly contagious. Ringworm is white, but if the cat can reach it and scratch it, the spot will bleed.
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RINGWORM... wow, of all the things I thought it might be, I didn't think it'd be that!! Sigh. When you say ringworm is white, do you mean it would look white on his ear? This is redish. It hasn't bled or anything. Would the cat be in pain if it was ringworm?? He is sleeping peacefully, so I don't think he is hurting. Do you think I should take him to the emergency animal clinic, or do you think he'll be ok over night if it IS ringworm?
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Ringworm starts out white and turns red. I didn't mean to freak you out. Just don't bother the spot and see if the vet can look at your cat tomorrow.
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I also thought ringworm when I read your post. I've never had a cat with ringworm, but I've had ringworm before from a stray. The patches were dry and crusty, not painful, but became very itchy.
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The other possibility cud be fungus (reading fr ur description). but in order to be sure whether it wud be fungus or ringworm, a vet wud know...
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And actually, ringworm is a fungus and not really a worm. (Some people would freak out if they hear the word "worm")
I fit is, and even if you get it, it is very treatable, so try not to stress too much.
It does`nt sound, from how this kitty is behaving, like anything that will require an emergency vet visit...so tomorrow should be just fine.
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My vet told me a couple of weeks ago that the mites themselves can cause a crusty sore on the OUTSIDE of the ear also, and when the meds work, it will clear up.
I'm sure your vet can tell.
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Took Shorty to the vet today and she is pretty sure its ringworm. We should get the culture results back in 10 days, but we've started him on treatment already. A topical ointment for his ear and a bath with special shampoo once weekly for three weeks. Poor Little Pete also gets the baths as a precaution. To make a long story short, Shorty and Little Pete are now nice and clean and fluffier than ever... my boyfriend and I are now exhausted and ALL scratched up
Next step is to start washing/bleaching everything that isn't tied down to the floor. What a pain!! But a small price to pay for having these two healthy, happy, and part of my family!

Thanks to everyone!
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