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My kittens are playing with their poo!

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Hi. Well,here I bragged on my wonderfully behaved kittens. Hmmmm.Whenever I brag on my boys(human children)they always have to go and prove me wrong too...so you'd think I'd learn.

Anyway,the last two nights when I came home from work I have found a mess in our bathroom. They have somehow scattered the litter all over the bathroom floor.In their food and water bowl....under the door....all around everything. Then tonight,there are a couple balls of poo on the floor. I get the clumping litter so I'm assuming they are flicking it out of the litterbox and onto the floor. My husband thinks they may be bored and need the whole run of the house.I'm not sure they or my house is ready for that yet. They are about three months old,guessing. I'm afraid they might get hurt. I put various toys in their for them. Anyone have any suggestions? They are getting neutered/spayed in a little over a month...the one I thought was a boy,turned out to be a girl :-}They get lots of attention while we are home.What age is usually safe to give them the run of the house? I really don't want to keep having to completely scrub the bathroom floor everynight!
Thanks in advance!
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How big is your house? If it's a 2-story I would restrict them to one level for now. But other than that I would let them roam free as long as you don't have another cat that you're trying to get accustom to each other.
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I'd say it depends on the cats. I didn't let mine roam free for too long till they were past cord chewing and what not. Sometimes kittens are just curious and will play in thier litterbox or with thier litter. Mooch used to jump in and hop around and just toss the litter to the ceiling! If you want to start letting them roam, maybe leave them out and alone for a short period of time to begin with. Also is there a window in thier bathroom they can look out? If they are boored and you can give them a perch it might help.
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If they are young kittens you might want to stop using clumping litter for awhile. It can ball up between their pads and cause them irritation and make them decide the litter pan is not the place to be. But playing with their waste is just part of being a kitten. Leave ping pong balls on the floor near the litter pan they will go to the funner toys soon enough.
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Ping pong balls which was suggested by Hissy is a good idea. They may be bored. Littke kittens have a ton of energy and need to run around and play. It may not be a good idea to make their "play" area the same as their kitty litter area, as what may happen is exactly what you are going through. Good luck!!!
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Maybe you can move them to a larger room now. When mine were little I kept them in a smaller space, and now that they are grown they have their own room when we're not home. The bedroom is very cat-proofed, so they stay there during the day. It has a huge window and a cat tree, and some tall furniture for them to climb on. Also lots of toys, litter, food, water, etc. I don't feel comfortable with them roaming the apartment when we're not around and I also don't want to worry about them running out when I come in, so the bedroom is the best place for them. Your kittens are probably just outgrowing the bathroom and need a little more space to run around and play with each other.
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The bathroom is probably too small for 2 active kittens. Cat proof your house (pick up edible items, leave potentially dangerous items out of reach) and they should be fine running around the rest of your house. My oldest cat had the run of my place at 8 weeks.
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Well,thank you for all the advice. I agree that they are probably outgrowing the bathroom and need more space. I decided to just let them have free run yesterday while we were away at my sons wrestling meet. I came home and everything was fine. They don't seem remotely interested in the few electrical cords that run our lamps.Hopefully they won't start to be. I have scratching posts that have toys that hang off them,lots of jingly balls and other cat toys that they adore.I would put them into a bigger room,but really don't have a room that will work. So,for now,I will just try giving them the run. I'm sure they just got bored. I left them out all during the night too. They laid in bed with us for a while then went downstairs. My son was happy because he woke up and Smokie was snuggling with him!Big smiles! The only bad thing is that my husband didn't sleep well because they must have been chasing each other in the night because he could hear(I sleep like a rock)the bells on their collars jingling. I told him we'll just take their collars off at night,they are just the snap on kind anyway...I kinda thought it was funny actually..hee. They haven't had one accident in the house,bathroom wise,so I hope that continues too! And no more poo playing..yeah. I've considered adding a second litter box just in case as they start getting bigger,need more space. They play down in the basement a lot(kid's toyroom)so I'm going to put one out for them there on the cement area out of the way.
I use Tidy cats multiple cats clumping litter. Its the only kind I've tried.I like its consistency and its container(no bag). The first time Smokie used it,he got some poo/litter stuck to the bottom of his foot and I had to clean it off,but I've kept an eye on it and no problems since. So for now,I'll stick with it. I love the clumping action! So much better than the litter from yesteryears I had to use. I also clipped their nails and they did so well,gave them lots of love and praise when I finished. All my friends recommend declawing but I just can NOT do it. They go into be spayed/neutered in a month. I'm actually a little nervous since they were dumped on our farm and I don't know their exact age,that they will come into heat/maturity before I get them fixed and I don't want that. The vet guessed them to be 10-12 weeks a while back,which would make them 5 months at the end on January. I'm planning their surgeries for the middle of January.Do you think I"m "safe".I do NOT want the female to have a heat cycle nor the male to mature enough to start spraying or getting "thoughts". I know the rescue leagues will do it at 8-12 weeks,but my vet wanted to wait a while. Do any of you have any advice on this too?
Thanks from Smokie and Bagel's mom!
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