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An Elsie Sandwich

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Chucky to the left, Buster to the right and little Elsie snuggled in the middle:

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oh my gosh, how incredibly cute!!!!!! you should submit that to the caption this thread. I love how she is laying on busters long fuzzy tail!
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Its so sweet!!!
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That is too cute! I love it!
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I laughed out loud! What a cute shot. Love her expression. Now that's what I call a snuggle-puss.
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Oh, now that is a keeper! I also think you should submit it to the captions thing. How cuuuuuute!!! Elsie is so pretty. Looks like they get along pretty well!
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I agree, send this darling picture to caption this thread.
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Cute! Wow, that cat on the right is huge!
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That is adorable
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She looks so content! How good that her big brothers take such good care of little Elsie!
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Wow, how sweet!
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Thats so cute!!!
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how adorable.. i agree you should send it tocaption this
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another vote here for caption this! what a sweet pic!
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OH my gosh! She's got her little paws over Buster's big fluffy tail!!!
Ohhhh, I love this forum!!!
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OK -- I have submitted to "caption this". Thanks for all the compliments on little Elsie...she is as sweet as she looks
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That is so incredibly sweet!!
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