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Hi all.

I've taught my 1 year old to jump through a hoop for treats (it's actually a steering wheel cover....).

Anyone else train their cats to do something?? I'm looking for a new trick to teach

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I've trained mine to meow when they want their wet food, oh wait maybe they've trained me to feed them when they meow? Lol But really though, they know they only get wet food once a day so I let them tell me when they want it. Sometimes they'll ask for it in the morning and won't bother me all day or sometimes they'll ask for it at night, I let them decide. Other than that they know that me clapping means they need to stop what they're doing. I guess I haven't really trained them much at all :-P
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I took advantage of Mellie's habit of holding her paw out to teach her to "shake hands."
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I had one rex that would actually heel like a dog walking down the hall with you. Never taught him that, he just did it. And another rex that if you smacked the floor and told him to "roll over" he'd do it. He did live with a sheltie as a kitten and picked up on it at the breeder's house.

But my first cat was very smart. He learned several tricks and would show off. Mitten would shake hands with you and his best trick was to pick which hand held the treat. He'd look at both then put his paw on the one he thought had it. Most of the time he'd be right but if he wasn't, then I'd hide them behind my back and make he do it again.

People were totally amazed that he could do tricks. He'd show off a lot for company.
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i jsut taught Nana to give me her hand for treat a couple days ago.
but stubborn little kitty would try her best to steal the treat from me first, after several attempt and failed, she'd finally give in and give me her hand..hahaha ..so instead of "training" her..i think it's more like i show her the solution to the problem. but she'd like to try solving the problem in her own way first (ie try to open up my fist with her paw, giving me the headbutt or kisses), then if all those doesn't work she gives me her hand....

i'm looking forward to teach her more tricks later.
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