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sleep issues

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I have a 2 year old tuxedo domestic cat that I adopted from a shelter a couple months ago. He is a great cat and loves attention, but the only thing is he doesnt sleep at night. I work long hours sometimes so I want to let him sleep with me so he doesnt feel deprived but hes up walking around all night or playing with toys somewhere. I hear him all night. Is there any real proven method to adjusting a cats biological clock where he sleeps more at night than daytime? Thanks for any help

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The only thing really is to keep them awake during the day. And since you're gone, I don't see how that's possible.
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Yup I second that idea ^^ He's probably sleeping all day since you're gone and thinks night time is time to play. If he's an only cat I would suggest maybe getting another kitty to keep him busy during the day. That's what I ended up doing when I started up classes again for my cat. If you do decide to get another kitty I would suggest doing it during a time when you have some time off so that you can get them adjusted to each other, christmas time would probably be purfect
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But then there's a possibility you might end up with TWO cats that sleep all day and play all night.

Can you just close the bedroom door to avoid being disturbed? Or run a small fan to generate "white noise"?
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Angel and Fraggle are good about playing mostly throughout the day, but I'm here with them almost all of the time. My biggest problem is that Angel likes to sleep with me and hubby. Between us actually...and she's a bed hog.

If he's an only cat, a playmate might help the situation. If that's not an option, perhaps try closing your bedroom door. Kitties love to play, so be sure to set aside some time to play with your kitty when you get home. Best of luck on the sleeping situation.
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i hv 5 cats n Speed n Rico wud b the active ones at nite. Therefore, I resort to play with them b4 i turn in. Make them really exhausted n after that, a small supper for them... when the lights r out, they wud find a quiet spot n sleeps...
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sorry im late on reading this, had computer issues a while

thanks to everyone for the advice. I would like to get him a playmate but I travel several times throughout the year to visit family....and one cat to tag along is enough for now. Plus with vet bills, hes already cost me quite a bit. He was from a cat rescue that was offering him as a free adoption.....so he had some health issues to work out. Thankfully hes up to full throttle now. Poor guy just needed someone to love him and I was glad I could help him.

I dont keep my bedroom door closed because I am away so much during the day I want him to be able to sleep with me if he wants......so he doesnt feel deprived. So anytime I close the door he sits at it and whines. Its like sometimes he dont want to sleep, but he makes sure I know that LOL

Basically all it boils down to is he lived in a cat rescue for 1 1/2 years of his life thus far (adopted for 6 mos and was brought back). He had little to no attention cause its impossible for someone to give equal attention to 100 or more cats. Im just thankful that he still has a great demeanor considering all hes been through. He still has his claws and doesnt scratch anything unless its a scratching post, hes always meowing and talking up a storm, and dying for attention. Maybe he will just outgrow the sleep issue.
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