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Worried about my niece

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This is a different niece than the one I previously posted about.

Anyway, she is 14 yrs old and the doc have just found a cyst on her breast. She has to see a surgeon about it, I'm guessing maybe for a brother wasn't too clear on the phone.

It does corncern me very much because my SIL's mother and father both died from different forms of cancer.

Any good vibes you can send her way would be much appreciated.

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Oh Diane, that's awful - such a young age too!... Lots of "benign" and "get well" vibes headed her way!
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Oh poor kid, hope all goes well for her

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Oh goodness! At 14!! Good vibes headed your neice and family's way
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Originally Posted by Oscarsmommy
Oh goodness! At 14!! Good vibes headed your neice and family's way

Thanks everyone.

She only just turned 14 last month too!
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Oh my goodness she is so young!..I am sending many prayers and good vibes her way.
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Oh my gosh! At 14 I wasn't even thinking to check for that kinds of stuff! I am sending up some major prayers for her! Please keep us updated!
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Ohh poor baby... sending prayers to be nothing
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Oh that's just awful! I can't believe she's facing this at such a young age. Sending positive vibes her way. {{{ }}}
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whoa, im 19 and i dont even check that stuff!

*sending loads of vibes to your niece*
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Originally Posted by fwan
whoa, im 19 and i dont even check that stuff!

*sending loads of vibes to your niece*
Well, Fwan, this is a good reason for you to start checking each month!

Prayers for your neice, that it will be benign and she will recover quickly!
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I hope the results come back benign Diane. That's too early a problem for a teen.
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I really hope she's ok Diane, but always remember that 9 out of 10 breast lumps are benign, and being the age she is her body's changing to a lady if you know what i mean?!
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oh, i'm so sorry! I hope things turn out ok for her!

sending good vibes your way,
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Sadly, I have treated babies as young as 14 days for cancer - it's something alot of teens and youngsters have to think about infortunately!! (I spent almost the entire school year of my fifth year in a hospital so I learned and acquired personal knowledge about the medical system and a variety of tests, labs, procedures, operating rooms and unqiue beds that moved you 360 degrees at a very young age - it was then I vowed to become a doctor!). My heart goes out to your niece and your family - cancer never jujst happens to one person. It affects an entire family!! I hope you can gove her as much support as possible!!!! She needs it - and a good oncologist and great support people!!!!
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I am sending prayers as well. And you know, it is probably polycystic breast disease - which is widespread, and benign. Basically, small pockets of fluid develop, and they do have to be watched, mostly because they mask more serious diseases. But this is much much more common than the more serious possibilities. I was diagnosed at about age 21 with this "disease" (which really is just a normal variation among women, I think), and it was very very worrisome until I had a proper diagnosis.
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What a difficult time for you and your family, Diane. Your niece is definitely in my prayers.
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I hope everything is ok! You have a very smart and responcible neice.
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Oh my goodness!!!! I'm sending all the vibes and prayers I possibly can to your neice and hoping that cyst is benign!!!!
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I hope she's ok, Diane, and I'm sorry to hear that. Sending out positive vibes for your niece and her family as well.
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Diane, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is just a benign cyst, which is likely. Still, it's a real worry until it's confirmed as harmless.
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Sending good vibes and good luck to you and your niece.
((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))
Good vibes!
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Thanks everyone!! You are all so great!!
I wouldn't be half as worried if cancer wasn't so prevalent on her mother's side of the family.

Her appointment still needs to made to see the surgeon.
I'll let you all know what is what when I find out.
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