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Soft Paws Extravaganza

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I finally bought Soft Paws nail caps for my crew of eight. I only decided to cap six of them since two of my cats don't scratch at all and don't even seem to know what claws are for. I mainly decided to do it because they're starting to tear my carpet up beside my bedroom door (they are not allowed in: dog only space), and because in wrestling around and playing they're starting to give each other scabs around their necks.

I managed to get four of the cats done last night (and nearly glued my fingers together in the process!). Oliver, my big red tabby, did the best. He just sat there and let me put them on, then went about his business like nothing was new. Tsali, my tortiseshell, did much the same, but later that night when she was on my lap she tried to knead me (she likes to knead and lick/suck on my chin when I'm watching tv) and seemed to realize something was different. She groomed her paws a bit but otherwise left them alone.

My bengal Aslan is my most vocal cat. You restrain him in any way and he will snarl, yowl, and curse up a blue storm. It's funny, because he likes to be held and will come seeking to be held, yell the whole time WHILE purring, and come back for more. He sounds like he's going to turn around and tear your face off whenever you pick him up/handle him, but he's never so much as scratched anyone. He used to scare my neighbor, now she just laughs.

Anyway, I started putting his caps on and he was yowling and snarling, open-mouthed, wrinkle-muzzle and all, looking like something out of a Stephen King novel. I get his last caps on (he's sitting there patiently, just making a racket) and as soon as I let him go he grabs hold of my hand with his newly capped paws and in a vicious attack...starts licking me. He likes to act tough, but he's just a big mush.

Jasper, my cow kitty, was my worst contender. He hates having his front paws touched anyway (which makes trimming his nails a big chore). I got his left front done without too much hassle. He wriggled around a bit but then just settled down and let me do it. Whenever I tried to do extend his right claws though he threw a fit, hissing and twisting madly. I finally had to wrap his head in a towel and pin him between my knees to get that foot done. Even so, he didn't try to bite me. Sometimes he'd snap around like he was going to, but like Aslan he just licked me viciously. I was surprised a time or two that he DIDN'T try and bite or claw me.

At any rate, when I got up this morning and checked they all still had their caps on, though Aslan did lose one during the night. I don't think I put enough glue on it. Tonight I get to get the caps on Izzy and Dash, who are wigglewarts too, so we'll see how it goes.

Next step, toilet training all eight cats!
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My kittens (actually 8 months old now) are just starting to see my white couches as scratching item. I have one like yours who hates having her paws touched and I think it will be a real tough go if I have to do soft paws on her. The little boys will be good but I am going to try sticky tape first as not to cause the pain - Pain to me not them of putting the soft caps on. Thanks for letting us know how it went I hope the next ones will go as smoothly.
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Well, I put the caps on the little ones last night and they didn't even bat an eyelash. Everyone else is doing wonderfully with them. They still 'scratch' their scratching post and try and scratch on the carpet and couch, but cause no damage. So far, I love these things.

I tried the double sided sticky tape but my cats were attracted to it and only saw it as something to chew on and peel. Most vets will do nail clipping for only about ten bucks. You can ask them to put the soft paws on for you and they'll probably do it for about the same price.
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I tried to cut even one of Darci back nails tonight and she howled like I was cutting off her foot. I think I may have gotten one nail clipped. Her brother is a lot easier. Thanks for the vet tip, I made need to go on vacation in March and the only way my parents will keep them is if I declaw them but I am sure they would be ok with the softpaws. I would really like to get them to stop scratching couches because I know they enjoy climbing their cat trees but the soft paws will come in handy if I leave them with mom and dad.
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Sounds like quite the adventure!
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thanks for the great visuals
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We love the softpaws at our house, too! especially for the two roughhousers :P
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