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I have to tell you...

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My week has been a living hell. A friend passed away Monday and it hasn't gotten better since then with the visitation Wed,the funeral thurs and an ex boyfriend turned stalker "stopping by" my work place Friday. so when I woke up today I didn't hold out this being any better then the rest of the week until Isis my feral baby did something that made me smile...
now mind you she hates people, why I don't know but she fears everyone except me. she tolerates my fiancee but is still leary of him and will run from him when he walks towards her(he never did anything to her she is just that way). but she will cuddle and rub against your back if you are laying down and sleeping, but if you turn over to see her she will run..
ANYWAY!~ to make a LONG story shorter,I woke up to all the cats on the bed and I was laying there with my eyes opened and here comes Isis and headbutts my face purring the whole time(she rarely purrs). so I started to pet her and then she walks over to my stomach and gets on it with her front paws and starts kneading like she is going to lay down..she didn't but it made my day so much better knowing that I have broken thru a new barrier with her. She hates to be held whenyou are laying down it freaks her out, and as I said, she doesn't like you to look her in the face or to be near your face. she will cry and push and try to get away from you...
so now I know, my horrible week WILL get better......(I really hope so!)
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Oh Barb - you sure did have an awful week! But!!! Little Iris turned it around for you and I am so glad. She sure does love her kitty momma! Isn't it just grand when a little feral does something like this. Just goes to show you how SPECIAL you are.........
Iris told me to send that to you!
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Oh Barb, I am so sorry you have had such a bad week...I know how hard losing your friend was, and my thoughts are still with you. I am sure things will get better. We are here for you. Your kitty is giving you extra special love.
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Sorry you had such a bad week, Barb
That's great news about Isis! I know your week will get better now!
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Sounds like you have had a bad week At least our furbabies seem to know this, and comfort us in their own special way. Good to know you've broken through a barrier with Isis!
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Even the little ones who avoid humans, can tell when their special people need extra lovin'. What a sweet thing to do! I'm sorry your week was so bad. But it is a new week, and this one can be better.
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What a special event! Sunlion is right - they know when you need them. Isis must really love you, even if she is scared to show it most of the time.
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Furbabies always have a way of putting things in perspective. BTW I love the name ISIS.
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Thats horrible that you had such a bad week. Doesn't that just make you smile when your kitty comes to tell you that they love you when you least expect it. I hope you have a better week this week.
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