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The Christmas Tree

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Oh how am I going to get them to leave it alone, there all over it and there's not a thing on it yet, I sprayed around the bottom with a diluted vineger solution, I have to spray bottle but I can't stand there all day Oh no I wanna have the tree, but the brats are being just that, at least 5 of the 8 are playing leap frog onto the branches, I'm wondering if I put a fan in front of it if the blowing will keep them from going around it, any suggestions?
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I'm afraid the only suggestion I have is don't have a tree. We just have decorations around the house quite high up. Having a tree would just be too stressful. Hope you find a solution

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I had problems with Harley at first too, when I had decorations on the tree. Eventually I just had to take all the decorations down, and now we just have a tree with lights, and he has't touched it since.

I really really hope that you can find a solution to having your tree!

Good Luck!!
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Do they like the fan? Its worth a try if they don't like the fan. I have given up trying to keep mine out of the tree! I take my picture at the beginning and tell myself it was beautiful. Then turn it over to the cats.
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They don't like the fan if it's up on high, My daughter has one of those kind that's blows real hard like a wind tunnel, but then I'd be afraid they would get to cloce I think I'll put the tower fan by it and try that, I had some of that bitter apple that I just bought but hadn't used but now that I look at it, it say's deturrent on it for dogs I think to keep them from chewing on there skin I don't think I should spray that around the bottom of the tree. I just want to either or
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