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my story

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hello. i have been on site for about one week now. thought i'd introduce myself. my name is tara. i am 26 years old. married and have one daughter. we have 6 cats. 2 are almost 6 years. 1 is 4 other 3 are almost 3. just lost the our seventh cat a week ago to liver failure. as some of you might have read my post. his name was sox. the pain is still pretty deep. he will be in my heart forever. i am honored to have had him in my life. all my cats stay inside and are fixed. they are not declawed. i have strong feelings about that. i have loved cats since i was a little girl. my husband was a dog person but is now a cat lover! when he would call from work he would have me put the phone to sox ear so he could talk to him. some of my cats have weird names. they are zazu, friend, sami, sturdy, o'mally, milo. my little girl always called friend her friend when she was a kitten and it just stuck. sturdy is sturdy because even as a kitten he was very masculine and had strong big bones. so i named him sturdy. like thats a sturdy piece of furniture. bet i'm the only one in the world with a cat named sturdy! zazu is black and long haired. friend is a calico. sami is gray. sturdy is black. sox was black o'mally is gray and lot of long hair. milo is orange. we love cats and doing family stuff. we are christians. we love the lord ,eachother and our cats! seems like a great site. love to talk with other catlovers!
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I am sorry to hear about sox. How old was he? I have a cat Bubba Louie who is black and white and he is 17 years old. He is still in good health. I also have two other cats that were strays. I have had Whisper for about five years, and "Girl" about two years when she came to my door with four kittens. The kittens all have good homes now and she lives with me.
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Welcome to the site! Your kitties sound like lots of fun. I love the names - very original! I am very sorry about Sox. He sounds like he was a very special kitty with human "parents" who really loved him. I'm sure that his life, albeit short, was very happy with you two and his feline brothers and sisters.

Hope to see you posting often! Hugs and snuggles to all of your furbabies!
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Hi and welcome! Its so nice to see a new face here. I'm sorry to hear about Sox. It sounds like you gave him lots of love. One of my furbabies is named Socks...its a good name.
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