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Selfish Kitty Problems!

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Miss Molly has recently decided that I am only meant to exist to pet and care for her. This means that even thogh she sleeps on the bed and I pet her for 30 minutes at a stretch, if anyone else wants attention, she MUST BE THE RECIPIENT! She's gone so far as to push Paige off the bed, and also to sit on her. She swats at Gibby when he comes of for lovins and even interrupts e-hem... mommy daddy time.. if we don't lock the kitties out. How do I break this behaviour! It's not fair to the other cats the way she runs them over to get affection (when I've literally just half an hour ago had her all petted down for a half hour or more) She's getting really mean about it to the others and I just don't know. I don't want her to feel like I don't care about her, but goodness, Paige deserves some lovin sometimes too!!

I've tried not petting her when she does this and she shoves the other cat out of the way, or makes the other cat move! How do I get her to understand that that's not acceptable!?
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You don't. You separate them in diff. rooms, then go and love the others where she can't get in (and consider just not giving in to her so much - ignore her a bit if she pesters you, mean as it might sound, or she'll just get worse.
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