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Concern Grows over Iraqi 'Honor Killings'

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Concern Grows over Iraqi 'Honor Killings'
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OMG! I listened to the story and had to struggle to hold back the tears. This is so mortifying. Killing girls who had been abducted and raped because this shames the family??????
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A matter of "custom and tradition"? That report was very upsetting, but not surprising. Germany has a couple of cases a year among its Muslim population. At least the family members responsible are tried for murder here.
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I found it quite interesting that the men who are committing the murders admit that these killings go against Islamic law, but say that they "must" kill these girls and women because of tribal tradition.

As I was listening, I could see the image in my mind of that little girl finally being released by her kidnappers and running back into what she thought would be the safe and loving arms of her family, only to have her cousin shoot her to death.

Listening to that story (and, now, thinking about it again) made my stomach hurt.
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From the sexual assault/domestic violence victims advocate: Y'all already know my thoughts on this topic!
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My summary: I am personally sick and tired of people using religion or culture as an excuse to murder women. I am sick of the double-standards. The men who are responsible for kidnapping and raping their victims are almost never punished. Finally, did these girls ASK to be murdered in cold blood if they were to be abducted and raped? The fact that they are running AWAY from the perp and running TO their families (a presumably "safe" place) leads me to believe that they are NOT expecting to be killed. How dare these men presume it is THEIR DUTY to murder a victim of an attack.
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Sometimes there is no rape at all. A brother can call his sisters harlots and kill them so that he can inherit all the money that has been left to the family.

You guys might want to check out this article about honor killing from the Muslims Womens League:
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Some of the girls killed here had simply "dishonored" the family by dating somebody their parents hadn't chosen for them, or by refusing to marry their parents' choice.
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What annoys me is that Islam is used as an excuse to kill these girls when their is no justification in the Quran. It makes Muslims seem like monsters. They are doing a diservice to themselves as well as every other Muslim.
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Originally Posted by Sims2fan
What annoys me is that Islam is used as an excuse to kill these girls when their is no justification in the Quran. It makes Muslims seem like monsters. They are doing a diservice to themselves as well as every other Muslim.
How true. The man in the radio interview, however, said he knew it wasn't prescribed by the Quran, but by tribal tradition.
I was recently discussing the role of women in the Quran with two female Moroccan students. One pointed out that in many Muslim countries, a great many women are illiterate, and thus unable to read the Quran, so men can easily tell them that "The Quran says...." in order to justify oppression of females.
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Thats what is sad, the Quran says that a son and daughter must be loved equally. They encourage both to be literate so that they can read the Quran and make up your own mind.
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Just more proof that human's aren't naturally kind and equitable animals. This stuff is crazy, because there is no value to human life (or any other kind of life, maybe) in this culture. I think, at worst, nonverbal animals are better off, because they don't "justify" themselves or have any prevalent "culture,tradition" to blame.

I think some people are nicer to thier cars and goats than they are to women. Really,, what is up with these cultures?? Is it so hard to THINK a bit? Actually READ the Koran for what it says, not what you want it to say?

One of these days, women are gonna rise up and clear out these a**holes that do this stuff. It will happen. When it gets this serious, I want to see nothing more than men suffering the same ways they've caused suffering in women. These men apparently don't care enough to change on thier own.

Another reason I take justice and kindness so seriously in my own life. I've got all THIS karma to help make up for!~
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Maybe that's why there are so many bugs in the world - all these mean willfully ignorant people get karmically demoted to bugs and other rather yucky animals. Now, they are still very important in the world's ecology, these bugs, but I don't think thier quality of lives are very good.

I'm thinking fungus gnats. Oh they are bad news!

Whoa, can you tell I'm tired and cranky??? Sorry!!!!
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No tolerence here for people that would commit such atrocities.
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Warning! Long rant ahead.

I'm getting more than a bit tired of people constantly making 99% negative generalisations on Arabs. While I'm in no way trying to belittle the problem of honor killings in Middle East, IMO somethig like this is always seen as a collective tradition from the outside while similar deeds in our culture are always done by individuals.

A research article I read a few years ago stated, and proved it's key points pretty well I think, that killing a wife or a girl friend is silently understood in the West too. The headlines most often potray the killer as a victim of uncontrollable feelings and shift the blame on the (usually sexually) misbehaving murdered woman, whose bad behavior forced the poor man to go nuts and kill her.

As an example: We have 1-3 yearly well publicized cases of a man shooting his wife and maybe kids and then himself in the event of divorce here in Finland. The headlines always scream "Desperation drove a man to commit extended suicide" rather than "Mother and kids brutally murdered by ex-husband". Some of the sharper journalists have recognized this as a form of honor killing, a way to make the humiliation of being ditched go away by destroying the humiliator.

Another interesting point made in the article was a reference to a Swedish study on men who were in prison because they had killed or battered their wives or girl friends. A psychologist interviewed these men and found that contrary to the common supposition, they hadn't acted in a frenzical blackout or under uncontrollable feelings. Most of the wife killers had committed their crime quite knowingly and believed it was their right as men to protect their honor by punishing a misbehaving spouse, eveng by death. They had did what they did, because deep down they believed in male superiority.

Note that previous paragraphs describe Sweden and Finland, two countries that are supposedly superior to the rest of the world when it comes to equality of sexes. Killing a woman endangering the honor of a man may not be publicly accepted in the West, but it still is subconscietiously condoned in our society too. Let the one without sin cast the first stone, ay?
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I will be the first one to admit that this country is way, way to violent.
Also, that the Arabs doing such a thing as this are a tiny minority.
I think the thing that bothers people is this: in America if it was known you did something like this you would be arrested and charged.
It SEEMS like in the case of this thread, the authorities know what is going on and do nothing. I could be wrong though.
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Domestic violence occurrs on every street (oh yes it does) in every city in every country in this entire world- no doubt.

Many such murders may be classified as "honor killings" (though where the honor in it is is anybodys guess). The point is that in certain parts of the world and within certain cultures (note that I did not say in entire cultures) this brutality is not only accepted, but encouraged.

Heck, I've had clients who belonged to certain Christian churches who were encouraged by their priests to drop their protective orders and stay with their abusive husbands because "divorce is a sin". In my book, that doesn't make them any better than those who condone "honor killings".
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