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New cat = changed behavior?

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Harley will be 6 months old on the 19th of Dec. (my baby is getting so big!)
Lately his behavior has changed so much-he used to be a hyper little thing running all over, a naughty little boy! He still is a little devil sometimes, but he has become SO lovey and cuddly! I just love it.

Anyways-as many of you know, we are looking at getting a friend for Harley after the 1st of the year, after Harley gets fixed and we have extra money from after the holidays

But my question-will Harley's lovey attitude change if he bring another kitten into the house? I don't want him going back to his devilish ways
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My 6 month old kitten acts very similar She has her "tear-through-the-house" hour every night! During the day she is such a sweetie to me though, rubbing and nuzzling up with me! I think, like a child, they are just testing things out!
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His behavior may change but there is no possible way of predicting if and how.
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There will definitely be a period of adjustment where he is not as affectionate toward you because he is sorting out what's going on and why there is a strange cat in his territory. After that, it is difficult to say, however my guess is that as long as the introduction is done right, he will continue to develop into the affectionate adult he is becoming now. It sounds as if that is the adult personality he is progressing towards, and as long as the introduction is very slow and you give him all the time and space he needs to adjust then I would think that he would continue to be an affectionate kitty.
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Your cat's behavior will be hard to predict when you get the new kitty. You should definitely take into account the new kitty's age also. It sounds like your resident cat has settled down quite a bit and isn't into his "kitten crazies" as much anymore. If you get a very young kitten, he may harrass your new cat with his "kitten crazies" and stress him out, making him an unhappy cat.
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