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Sad & Mad

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A couple of weeks ago we adopted out a pair of cats. One was a Persian & one a black DLH. They are 3 years old & have been together their hole lives. Before they came to us they had a very ruff time of it. They were owned by an elderly couple, the wife had passed away & the husband was in a nursing home. He refused to admit he wasn't coming out so the family left the two of them in the house & only went in to feed, water & scoop litter boxes. As if all of that wasn't bad enough. Last night the people we had adopted them to returned just the DLH black male Stating that he had been attacking the other cats including his friend who he had lived in a cage with for months with out ever being aggresive??? I beleve very much that they are lying. This is a cat that for most of the time he was with us would hide under the rugs & blankets in his cage. Once he came out he was never agressive. I just can't believe he was like this. I think either they only wanted the Persian and came up with this story. Either way this poor big seet guy is now back at our shelter, but now without his friend. I'm not sure but I would guess the director will call & ask for the other cat back. I made a big point of telling them last night that if she stops eating she needs to come back because sometimes when they are separated it is very difficult for them. I'm not actually as worried about her as I am about him. She's in a home with 2 other cats (they had adoped from us perviously) & she is a very outgoing cat. He is so shy I'm worried about him. I gave him some wet food when he came in & he did eat a little so that's a good sign. I'm just so upset I needed to vent & ask that if anyone is in the vacinity of Milwaukee, or knows someone who is & there is room in your home or heart for this sweet guy please PM me & I can give you more details.
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Oh! That is so awful! I hate it when people do this kind of things. I hope you can find a loving home for this poor boy.
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I do hope this poor cat finds a home soon. I'd have thought the people at the shelter who rehomed his companion would've known better. My heart goes out to the poor kitty.
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Sounds like they did not take the time to properly do the introductions. I would suggest they start over again to allow the black DLH time to adjust. If they are not willing...well, you are right, the Persian is in a home and perhaps there is another home for the DLH.

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Originally Posted by Spitfire
I do hope this poor cat finds a home soon. I'd have thought the people at the shelter who rehomed his companion would've known better. My heart goes out to the poor kitty.
They were rehomed together, but they brought him back saying he was attacking the other cats. They brough some fur with that had little green things in it that looked like it had been brushed off a chair. They had been told to keep them separated from the other cats for a week, but of coarse everyone thinks they know better & they didn't. What I find upsetting is that we've adopted to these people before so the home visit has been done & everything. I just don't get it & I didn't get much sleep last night worrying about him. He's such a big sweet guy. I'd take him if I had room, but there's no way I can take any more right now.
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That poor boy....if i was closer i would take him in a second! I hope you can find him a furever home!!
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Just a little update. He seems to be doing well with out his friend. They never did cuddle much so I think he will be OK, but I'm still upset that they did this to him. I also do NOT believe he attacked any cat. I'm lead person on Sunday's & this past week we left his cage open and all he did was lay there & watch what was going on around him. Not so much as a hiss. OH YEAH he's reall agressive. He is such a handsome guy I just know someone will come along & give him a good home.
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Just wanted to post an update on this guy. I'm very happy to report he went to a new home last night He will be an only cat so he will get all the love & attention he needs. I'm so happy for him, he's a good boy & deserves a good home. The great thing is that this is a couple in their 50's so there are no small children. His original home was an elderly couple so I think he will feel very comfortable & really enjoy his new home.
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aww that is so great, it always seems to go good in the end, it is just getting to that point that is tough. glad he made it and found a great home, it sounds perfect. did any follow up ever occur on the Persian?
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No follow up on the persian because he seemed to be doing just fine without her. We were just concerned that he would might stop eating. Sometimes after being together a long time cat's don't react well to being seperated.
The people who have him now called back to say that he is the best cat they could have ever gotten. So I'm so happy for him, he really is a wonderful cat & finding a good home always makes everything we do so worth while.
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I'm glad there's a happy ending to this story.
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Yay for that special couple who gave him a good home!
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