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Maj. Grey's nite inside

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He made it!! During the night, Lexi got
the basement door open and went down
to visit. He stayed in the closet, but
moved sometime during the night.

He (or Lexi the pig, LOL!) ate all the dry food -
maybe touched the water bowl I put down...

I put in an extra disposable box this am...

He had gone into the crawl space/laundry area to hide.
He meowed at me, several times, I got a visual, but then
he hid. Although I opened the door up at 8 am and checked
frequently by 9:30 he'd not gone out. He'd stuck himself
in the crawl space and was hiding.

I left the basement door open a to let him out and
now I'm gulp at work. I will be going home to
close up the door round noon ish - that should give him
time to get his courage up to come out and go outside
if he wants, and come back inside too if he wants.

We had 3 to 4 inches, with sleet on top -
but that didn't stop Ms. Lexi from cavorting out side!!

I have fingers crossed he'll ***want*** to stay in
and NOT from fear but from sheer relief of being warm
and dry and unmolested (except by Ms. Lexi that is!!).
She seems to think he's this great entertainment value
or something!!

(And he saw her use the new disposable litter box,
right in front of him, so he *knows* what it is for.
And I put down some great canned chicken, which
was gone when next I checked at 9, so he got
it - or missy pig Lexi did. Either way, if he came
out that far, he was right at the open door - so
mayhap he chose to eat and stay in.)

His morning meows to me were so wonderful - "yes Mom
here I am" "can I come out now?" "go away and leave
the door open, I'm gonna rest now"!!

I feel so happy and worried at the same time!!
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Well, that's good. Let us know how he is doing when you check later. I think maybe you have a new baby.
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I went home and closed up shop. He was outside,
in the gully area, came out to the house when he heard
me calling. Came in yard - I refilled food bowls for him, gave
him water. Not freezing yet, so water will stay unfrozen.

He was spotted by me lying NEAR his old shelter
in the yard that he used to use...
fingers crossed he goes IN it!! I don't know if he checked
out the small very nice and dry dog house
I set up, but he watched me doing it SO
perhaps he got the idea he could "go" in there...

I lined it with an outdoor dog cushion, put in a patio
chair pad, and put all the dry left over pine needles on top,
so he could go in and "nest" in it. The patio cushion gets
him off the ground level of the dog house floor maybe too
much, but it smells very cat like (Lexi slept on in summer).
So perhaps to reassure him...And it is VERY dry and lots
of good insulation from ground! Although the dog house
doesnt' have any insulation from cold - sure will help
with rain, snow and winds...

The other shelter I moved next to house
is not as good, since it has drips from ice melt on its roof,
and tho it is raised on plywood, the "floor" sticks out from the "house"
foot print and gets some drips from the deck overhead and the roof on the shelter (it needs more of an over hang, IMHO!).

I am considering "wrapping" with
tape and garbage bags to provide water barrier for the floors/
wall joining area..)Also keep wind out...

But, I did put a nice heavy duty cat bed in there,
and tho wind may enter
it is largely broken in force, and the foam bed will provide
insulation, softness and warmth.. if it stays dry (again,
fingers crossing heavily!!)

Still scurries away, and peeks out from behind kayak,
but getting bolder now... watching me
more. Thinking he wants to be nearer to me... hoping I can
get him in tonight again. If I can establish routine, will
then begin in earnest to work on petting/getting near me.

Much easier to lie on dry tile floor in heated house
than outside on frozen pine mulch with howling winds,

I will leave door open from 5 pm
to 7 pm and again a bit at 9 pm. If he's around he'll come in then
I think, because it will be so cold here!! Or he will go into one
of the shelters to "wait" for the door to open. That IMHO would
be ideal!! Come on old Grey get the idea that you can hangout
and WAIT to come in, once I see you you waiting!!

Fingers crossed, prayers everyone reading this (even if
you aren't posting back, please keep a good vibe going
for ole Maj. Grey's progress!! We are NEARLY to where
he can start being truely acclimated to me and maybe
I can get him to the petting stage!!)

Excited, happy, thrilled and worried all at same time, LOL!
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