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Scary incident with Dori last night

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I woke up at about 2am this morning and Dori wasn't in bed with me. I went and found her in the office sleeping on my desk chair so I picked her up and carried her back to bed. She sat down by my legs and started her routine of cleaning herself before settling down to sleep. Dori bites on her nails sometimes and I kept hearing that noise and told her to stop biting and go to sleep. Well, she started thrashing around on the bed and fell on the floor. I jumped up and turned the light on. I came up behind her slowly so she wouldn't run and, knelt down behind her and thought something was wrong with her paw. So I was about to pick it up when I realized it wasn't her paw it was her mouth. She had managed to get her lower jaw caught in her collar! I got the collar off as fast as I could. She sounded like she was hyperventilating and she was shaking. I was so scared her mouth was injured, I thought she could have dislocated her jaw. I picked her up and calmed her down and gave her a few treats. She was just fine after that and went to sleep with me.

What a scare! Thank goodness she was ok
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What kind of collar did she have on??? I'm glad she's ok though.
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Gosh, thank goodness you were right there when it happened! I'm glad she is okay!
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Originally Posted by sunnicat
Gosh, thank goodness you were right there when it happened! I'm glad she is okay!
I agree-good thing you were there!! Poor Dori!
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Another reason why collars should not be worn by cats. Unless they are breakaway collars.
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Wow, that is scary. Poor Dori (and you!). I'm glad you were there to help her though .
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That is very scary!!, I'm glad she was ok. My parents used to have a cat that went outdoors alot and they had him wear a breakaway collar. It helped put our minds at ease.
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Thats the reason i have the breakaway collars on my two Sophie has in the past managed to get her mouth caught under it about twice but it's always broke apart.

I'm so pleased Dori's ok though
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Lucy did this every time she had a collar on. She and I were always nervous wrecks after it. Even the break-away ones were hard to get off her so I finally stopped putting a collar on her. I have her microchipped. I also have a Beastie Band collar with the velcro so I can put tags on her when we have company and increased risk of her getting out. I can get the velcro undone quicker than trying the break-aways.
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Oh Dori has a breakaway collar. That's the only type I would buy. It was not breaking away. I don't think she was able to apply enough pressure with her jaws to pull it apart.
She isn't wearing a collar now, it scared me.
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That scares me everytime it happens!! Mine don't wear collars.. I have tried the breakaway but I still have that same problem. We have four of the cats microchipped and 4 to go. I'm so glad you were there!!
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I'm so glad she is O.K. Mine don't wear collars but I would be quite angry if you had a breakaway and it didn't work. It must have scared you to death.
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I have seen so many accidents with collars, including a kitten hanging himself to death. I don't use collars for that reason. I know it would be bad if they got out and didn't have a collar, but I do have them microchipped, at least. I also know about the cat safety collars, but I prefer not to use them. I'm glad she's ok!
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Originally Posted by squirtle
She isn't wearing a collar now, it scared me.
I'm glad she is ok!
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What a fright! I'm so glad she's okay!
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Oh no, Tanya, how incredibly scary! I'm so thankful Dori is ok!
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Ack. You are really going through it with both of your babies, aren't you????

Glad to hear Dori is none the worse for wear.

So scary for you!
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I am extremely glad that miss Dori is okay to both of you
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that is scary. Kallie did that last week. im glad to hear Dori is alright
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Poor Dori must have been terrified. Thanks heavens you were home to help her.
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Oh, how scary!
Glad to hear Dori is alright!
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Poor Dori! I had an incident a month or so ago where Noodles' collar didn't open either. I noticed that the one she had was hard to break open with my own hands. So I went to see if there was something better. I tried a differnet kind of break away collar and I pulled on all the clasps till I found one that opens pretty easy. It's been good so far!
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Glad shes alright!

I tried the breakaway collar for my boys.. and Orion got his stuck around his mouth too. I didn't know right away.. but when I ehard the bell jinlging nonstop I went to see if he was alright.. and he was bleeding in his bmouth from trying to pull it out with his claw.. poor boy.
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