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Abi has conjunctivitis- what I learned

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poor little Abi starting squinting with one eye on wednesday. Thursday it was pink and puffy, so I took her to the vet that morning and sure enough she has pink eye which could be herpes. ( common in cats he said) The ointment has to go in her eyes three times a day and I worried that it would be agony for me, but I learned something important from the vet. His confidence and audacity in just grabbing her and zapping that ointment into her eye made her very pliable. It's like working with a toddler, they know tentativeness in your voice and they won't comply. So yesterday I just wrapped her in a towel, opened her eye the way the vet instructed, applied the ointment and voila ! it was done. She even jumped up on my lap and purred after it was all over.

I feel so sorry for her but I know I am helping her with this mini torture so I just do what I have to do. know what I mean?
Diana's (Abi's nurse)
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Sometimes it is awful to do what is best for our furbabies, but it sounds like you have it taped and Abi appreciates that! Hope she is better soon.
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I know what you mean lol. I used to be a little timid when medicating my cats but after treating all 3 of them for coccidia, 1 for an eye infection, 1 with a broken leg, and 1 who needed fluids injected daily for a week, I've gotten used to just grabbing them and getting it done. Seems to make them happier too Just imagine if you went to a doctor and they dropped the needle 4 times and were shaking while giving you a shot, you'd be nervous too
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My strapping Sasha boy, who is 14 yrs. and close to 21 lbs and super healthy - has had a propensity for conjunctivitis since he was a kitten, and he got his first "bout" at 4 weeks. Since then, it's been confined to Fall/Spring or heavy pollen/grass situations and I try to keep the house well-vacuumed. He has eye ointment which is good for 3 years, and which we keep in the refrigerator. I'm unsure if your kitty likes the coolness of it, but Sasha does. Also, to maximize the medicine application, and do it quickly, you only need to put a tiny dab on the upper lid, and then gently, gently, close the eye from the bottom up. The upper lid blinking will continuously spread the ointment more effectively - unsure if you knew this - instead of putting it in the eye at the corners and having her squirm. You are a great momma to have kept such close watch over her!
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My kitty also had the same thing two weeks ago. The vet told me to put a stripe of the stuff right on her eyeballs (they recommended both eyes even though only one was infected) 3 times a day, then I would also close her eyes for a few seconds to help the stuff get distributed. She actually didn't seem to mind it that much, it may have even felt soothing? She was tired for the whole week it took for her eye to heal, after that all better
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thanks for mentioning the tired thing furbun. abi has been sleeping more than usual and then I thought I wouldn't have much energy if my eye was swollen either.
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