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Princess Alexis has a problem....

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I have an appointment today to bring Princess Alexis in to the vets. She is in the litter box every 45 seconds.

The vet said it sounded like a bladder infection and wants her in to check a urine sample.

Aren't these the same type of symptoms of kidney failure?
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I know you must be nervous but why reach for the worst before your Vet has even seen her. If for any reason you have suspicions (sp?) that it could be kidney problems have it checked for peace of mind.
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Just called the vet's, they are not able to get a urine sample from her.

Now I am beginning to REALLY worry.
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OK. First. I know it's not easy but don't panic.

The chances are she's got an infection which the vet will sort out.

If, on the worst scenario, she has kidney problems then there's a lot vets can do for that nowadays.

When Lucy was at the vets this week I was speaking to an elderly couple who had a 16 year old Birman cat (and beautiful she was too ). She'd had kidney failure for 3 years and was still going strong. She was at the vets for her check-up and repeat meds.

There's so much can be done nowadays for cats with kidney problems - and humans too. My 19 year old son has been on dialysis since his kidneys stopped working when he was 19. He hasn't had a transplant yet (hopefully next year) and is absolutely fine.

The Birman with the kidney failure really didn't look like a cat with any problems at all, so take heart and try not to worry too much (and I know that is the hardest thing in the world).

Will send out healing vibes for you and your little cat
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Good health vibes and prayers for Princess Alexis!!
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Originally Posted by consumercity
Good health vibes and prayers for Princess Alexis!!
Couldn't have said it better myself.
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When I got to the vet's Friday after work, they still had not been able to get a urine sample. They gave me two choices, leave her overnight, or take her home with antibiotics.

They do not have a night attendant, so there was no way my girl was staying there overnight, so we are home on amoxicillin. The pink stuff.

I kept her in my room Saturday, she didn't fight me on the medication, and she started to drink, and I know that she has urinated, but not enough to get a sample of.

We will be on this for about 6 or 8 weeks.

Sunday I let her out with the rest of the family, and she is playing and eating. I will have to get some yogurt for her because this stuff sometimes causes loose stools. Or maybe I will use apple pectin.

Anyway, we are on the way to recovery, and sincerely appreciate all the good words and vibes for my baby girl.
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Princess Alexis is doing much better, she is taking her medicne, eating and playing. I can finally take a deep breath and relax....maybe.
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Just a quick update. Princess Alexis is doing better with the medications. I guess that we will have to stay on this for 6 to 8 weeks, but it is worth it to see her running around and playing instead of hurting and upset.

Thank you all for your helpful comments and ideas.
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