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My new job

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As you all know, I started a new job last week at an electronics repair center. I am doing all the warranty claims, and I love it but, OMG what a MESS! I have NEVER seen a place more unorganized in my life! I guess the girl that was there before me didnt do what she was supposed to do.Im going through work orders from MAY! Apparently the women before her was only part-time and didnt follow up on anything either. I haven't really been trained, just thrown into it more or less, because the owner knows some about it, but he pretty much left it up to the girls to do it. It has become a long and painful process (for ME). I have filed over 500 claims in the last week that amounted to about $13K that the company wasn't paid!
The owner said Im doing a really good job of pickin up on the responsibilities but OMG Im getting overwhelmed with it. Thank god it's the weekend. I might have to work tomorrow, but it will be overtime.
I just don't know how this girl before got away with doing NOTHING at all because I am SO busy between helping with the phone, filing claims, researching and running around the shop finding parts orders, scheduling service calls, emailing and making phone calls to straighten this mess out.
Please send me son good vibes that I will get this all cleaned up and make it a little smoother of a system to follow, because the way they have it now, is a jumbled MESS!
Sorry, just had to get it off my chest!
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*sending you loads of vibes*

Im going job hunting tomorrow
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Keep track of all the extra stuff you are doing when it comes to "raise" time!!
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They are very lucky to have found you since they obviously were in a sorry state. You must feel overwhelmed right now, but you will get it organized eventually and it will seem so much better
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I feel your pain! When I started here, my boss (who is VERY unorganized) was here alone, paperworks, bills, MONEY, everything, was all over the office! It took me MONTHS to get thru all the insurance claims and get it all organized! I freaked out when I started cuz I am such an organized person! I am still dealing with claims that were left un-settled cuz of the girl that worked here before was a very lazy person too!!

Good luck with getting everything organzied, I know you'll do a great job!
And I also agree, keep track of everything that you've done, it will definatley come in handy when your review comes along!

Good luck again!!
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{{{vibes}}} headed your way!!! I hope things settle down for you soon!!
Good luck!!
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Just think, when you're finally organized, things will be the way you want them! Keep ploughing through - you'll get there eventually.
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Oh my gosh! That sounds like a real mess! Good luck and keep the good work up!
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Thanks everyone. That's what Im aiming for. I have slowly but surely been converting things over to MY way of doing things when they weren't paying too much attention. kinda just did it THEN show them how much easier things are doing it my way. Luckily, they have been agreeable with it. I just do it, show them or drop the paper on thier desk and run not giving them time to say no. The only problem I have is with the guy who works the front counter. He's VERY set in his ways and stubborn as you can imagine.. and sometimes just flat out rude. He's been there since before the owner bought the place. He is the type who will tell you flat out he's the best employee of the company and does a better job then anyone else (or so he thinks. I have found MANY mistakes he's made and he blames someone else). Today I had to update a speadsheet that hadn't been done since AUGUST! I sat at the computer 5 straight hours doing it today. I was so disgusted, because Im finding out that it's not just the girl who was there before me. It's pretty much everyone's fault for not MAKING her follow through and do her work. They all just half-@$$ everything. Which pisses me off to NO extent . I can't leave anything undone for any period of time. If I know I can't finish something, I don't get into it until I have the time.
I made a with the owner today. If I get all this straightened out doing it MY way, he's going to make EVERYONE follow MY procedures. There are WAY too many procedures for this paperwork and alot of it can be eliminated if people weren't so lazy.
Ok, I'll shut up now . I am making my own head spin
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