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Cats fur changing color??

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Hi, I don't know if this is a health issue or not. The sick stray cat I have been taking care of is doing great, and I hope he is finally over the hump with all his problems.

Maybe its my eyes or something but it sure looks to me like Tuffy's fur is getting lighter in color. When I started to take care of him I would say he was goldish orange color. The last couple weeks his fur is getting real soft and shiney and to me he looks almost blond now. Could this be because he is getting back to being healthy and what he should look and feel like? Or could it be a sign of another problem showing up? I sure hope not, he has been through so much already.

He is doing really great on the zithromax, he might make a half hearted sneeze now and then but I have not heard him cough in a long time now. I think he must have lost his sence of smell when he was so sick because since his head is cleared up on the zithromax he smells at all kinds of stuff like our other cats do but he never did till recently.
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I would venture to say he's getting better. They say that when cats have dull fur color and a dry texture to it that it can be a sign of illness. So he's probably just getting better
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Also, if he's feeling better, he may be grooming more often, and the cleaner his fur is, the more light it will reflect.

Their fur CAN actually change color, though -- my Clyde was one of five kittens in a litter born at the shelter where I volunteer, and the runt of the litter was a little black kitten named Spike, whom I also adored. (The whole family was special -- my mom adopted their mother!) The shelter staff came in one morning and found tiny little Spike comatose and cold, and his lips were blue.

They raced him to the pro bono vet, who pulled off a miracle and saved the little fella. It involved shaving Spike's chest and installing a tube to drain the fluid off of his lungs. I went to visit Spike shortly after the tube was removed, and the fur on his chest was growing back white! They told me that sometimes happens, and I've noticed that our girl kitties have also been a little lighter on their tummies after they have their surgery.

I'm so glad your little guy is getting well!
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