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Happy Birthday JoeCool!!!

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Hope you have a fantastic day!!!

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Happy birthday!
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Happt Birthday to youuuuuuu! (inset musical note here)
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Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday!!!
So what are your plans???? Presents?????
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¡¡¡¡¡Happy Birthday Fella!!!!!!
¡¡¡¡ Make this day the best!!!!

¡¡¡Many happy Returns!!!
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Have a great birthday!

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Happy Birthday!!
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Happy Birthday To You
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Hope you have a terrific year to come!
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HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!! Best wishes.
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Happy Birthday!
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Hey thanks people! you guys are so nice!

Plans? Well, a couple friends and i are going to go paintballing which is really fun (and i did last year). I am sure hoping that they buy cool presents, but what i am really hoping for is, this dude i know was like my best friend last year, but now he is different and not as nice, and nobody likes him . He is not happy either. i wish he would be like he was. Yeah, that would be cool. You people, can you send vibes his way please?
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Happy Birfday from me and kallie
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Can i please have some vibes for my friend Tim?
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Originally Posted by joecool
Can i please have some vibes for my friend Tim?

Why???...what happened w/ tim???

By the way happy belated B-day
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I said what was wrong with Tim two posts ago...

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Happy Birthday!

Prayers for Tim. Did something happen to him that made him change? I hope he overcomes whatever it is. It stinks loosing a friend like that.
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I really don't know what is wrong with him. I am really good at understanding the psychologies of other people, but his is too deeply hidden. He now hangs out only with the shallow, preppy people. That may be a cause or an affect. I only know for sure what his former friends say about him....

I do not truly believe that i have lost him as a friend, i believe he is the same person on the inside as he has ever been.

He is not on any drugs (as far as i know), but that possibility just occured to me. He has always had the typical "stoner" look, but that is only because of his hair and the dark circles. He typically has very dark circles under his eyes, more pronounced than the others in our school (we all have them, the fruit of overzealous teachers and their homework).

I too am a guy with very long hair, but i do my best to keep it looking nice. Tim has declined in such areas, and i must try to discern what ails him. I will find out somehow, for i believe whatever it is in his life is certainly taking a toll.

Intelligent people like ourselves often are drawn to cats. Perhaps one of you can help me find the root of Tim's problems...? Any input is appreciated.

Thanks for your help,
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Happy Birthday Joe Cool!!!
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Thank you!

But i still feel so bad. I have not been able to help him yet.
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Happy belated birthday!
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Sorry about your friend Joe, sending lots of vibes his way. I missed that post. Sounds like maybe he has depression, can you encourage him to be seen by a doc?

Just a thought...maybe you should copy and paste what your wrote about him to a new thread, that way everyone will see it.
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What could i call it?
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Originally Posted by joecool
What could i call it?
"Need vibes for friend" would work.
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Sorry this is a little late, but I hope you had a great day and got spoilt rotten

Love Eva and Cats xxx
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Thanks to both of you. And it is not too late, i just finished my cake!
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Was your cake nice? I love birthday cakes

Hope you had a lovely day

Eva x
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It was a really good, rich, luscious black magic cake with vanilla icing.

Very chocolatey, very yummy!
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