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fox news

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I was just watching FOX news and the little thing that runs continuously along the bottom said a town in Pennsylvania is ticketing people for feeding stray cats. People are putting out food for them and then they are getting into people's trash. I think instead of spending time writing tickets, they should be trying to figure out how the problem got so bad. Surely there are some cat lovers in PA that could help! I will try to catch it again next hour and find out exactly what town it is.
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I think, once I start feeding it and assuming I feed it regularly, that it isn't a stray any more, it's my pet who is outdoors. If I fed birds or squirrels and they habitually came to my yard, I would tend to think of them as pets and friends more than mere "wildlife".

But that's just my opinion.
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I want to express my opinion about this too. I think it would be better if the officials in this little town either started a no-kill shelter for these poor unfortunate animals or financially helped support a local shelter that may already exist.
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I saw it again and it said it was Windber, PA.
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I agree with Lorie, they should spend more time trying to help these poor cats, than giving people tickets for feeding them!!!!!
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Sounds like some place isn't run by cat lovers. Instead of using the tax payer's money to pay someone to ticket people for helping out the stray cat population why don't they start a spay/neuter program?

I wonder if the ASPCA knows about this? They are good for protesting laws like that and rallying the community to do something.
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