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Could someone please tell me the best way to rid my"Buffy" of fleas? Will a flea collar work?
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The best way in my opinion to get rid of fleas is to bring the sweet kit to the vet, and let them apply what they need to on her.....

Some over the counter flea meds can range in inaffective to dangerous.....

Plus it is possible because of the fleas that your kit has tapeworm....and if the infestation is too bad, and continues too long aneimia is a possibility as well...

So yeah my suggestion is bring her for a check up...they will apply the proper medication and deworm if need be....It will be much safer and quicker
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I, too, strongly advise you to take Buffy to the Vet for an exam where she can be properly treated, and also caution you against over the counter flea treaments. Good for you for wanting to provide the very best care for your little one!
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As others have stated, you need to bring your kitty in to see your vet.
Flea collars aren't very effective (IMO) and I would never advise using over the counter flea meds/collars as they can be dangerous.
Two products that I generally like to use are Revolution and Advantage Multi which can only be purchased through a vet and after an exam. I don't know if they are available where you live but they are excellent products used to rid animals of fleas among other things (heartworm, internal parasites etc.)
Again, seeing your vet will give you the opportunity to purchase the best product suited for your cat and will also allow him/her to conclude if they're any other problems (caused by the fleas or otherwise). Good luck!
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