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Holy cow! I can't believe the size of the needle they use for that.

I had Charcoal chipped today and the poor baby didn't make a sound. I felt so bad for him. But he seems to be better now.
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It is huge isn't it! Rocket was mucrochipped while he was spayed but Mica I actually saw. I thoigh she was very brave, didn't make a sound.
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Miya had to get poked with the needle twice. THe first time, the chip didn't go all the way through and the vet was like, "Ooh! This is a tough one!"

I don't know what they do in other countries, but in Japan, my vet gave her a local anesthetic before inserting the microchip. She barely even flinched.
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I couldn't touch our cat for a couple days after she had that chip placed in her. Seemed like it really bothered her. It was supposed to be located right behind her shoulder blades, but it ended up halfway down her back. We resisted having it done at first, but after reading all the stories of lost animals from the hurricane, it was a no-brainer.
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Microchipping didn't bother my kitties at all & they were 5 yrs. old when it was done.
I wonder why it bothers some kitties & not others.
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It didn't bother Rosie either?!.

I know it's supposed to be the size of a grain of rice though.
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wow..need to give the kitty local anesthetic b4 microchipping????

i'm from canada, i adopted Nana from teh Shelter, and in teh shelter, they microchipped every cat b4 they go home. Nana was not bother by the microchipping at all, it was done in like 5 sec and she's happy and jumping around immediatly.
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One of my cats, Chico howled like mad when he got chipped. I felt really mean but he'd forgotten about it in less than a minute. Salem my other young cat got chipped when he got neutered so he didn't feel a thing
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It does hurt but not all cats will react outwardly when it's being done. When Tori was chipped, she didn't even flinch (probably because she was scared) but some cats (especially kittens) will cry and/or struggle. I'm having Sienna chipped when she is spayed. If an animal is having surgery in the near future, like a neuter or spay procedure (and is not outdoors), I like having it done when they are under to save them the pain. If they aren't, doing it while they are awake will have to due as I think chipping is very important.

And yes, the microchip is the size of a grain of rice.
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