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advice on making feral kittens feel at home?

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I've had 4 feral kittens at home with me for about 2-3 months now. They are doing ok. They've gotten over their handphobia and are (considering thatthey were quite old when i brought them in) quite cuddly.

So anyway, i've got a home for two of them. And their new mum is coming to get them on Saturday.

I've found quite a few sites that deal with brining new cats home but none that deal with bringing "ex-ferals" home.

Having never done it myself i'm not sure if the process is the same, or what areas need to be taken into special consideration...
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I am pretty new to this feral taming, but my understanding is the new home takes the babies back to stage one. So if you tamed by feeding out of your hand, they would feed out of their hand initially. And definitely confine to one small room to allow them to adjust to the new environment.

I am worried myself about getting special adopters for my feral babies...it does take extra thought to keep that training going!
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Depending on the kittens, they may take many steps backward in their socialization simply out of fear of change.

She needs to prepare and cat/feral proof a room for them. Don't give them full run of the house yet. She also needs to understand the nature of ferals, and how easy it is to for them to revert back to survival mode. With such a change - a change in their territory, and a change from the person they have grown to trust - they very well may hide for days, and be very defensive. Being ferals, they certainly won't charge out of the carrier ready to play and explore.

My best advice would be for her to follow the steps for socializing ferals. Put them in a darkened room with classical music and all of their needs attended to (food, water, litterboxes), come in at regular times to feed and spend time in the room without seeking them out. Read to them, watch TV, whatever. Bring toys and try to engage them in play, but don't force them. The process should go pretty quickly since they've already been socialized by you, but she needs to be prepared for them to react with hisses and claws instead of purrs and playing.
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so looks like i'll just need to seriously prepare her with lots of info and options and a good guideline of what to do etc.

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How are your kitties doing, Zazi? Did they adjust to the new home ok? Have the other two tamed more since their siblings left? Update, please!
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This is why I never gave up Timmy after trapping him at 5 months old. He became so used to me that I didn't have the heart to give him up! Bad foster mommy, you're not supposed to keep them all! I suggest the new meowmie put them in 1 room and cozy up to them before opening up the whole house to them.
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there was a delay on her end so i still have the full set

the boys are coming along well.... this afternoon Johhny (johnny bravo) slept on my tummy for a few hours.... boy can he sleep...

and mambo slept behind my knees....

The only one who is not really adjusting very well is Teeny Weeny. She's still very sceptical... and what makes her so tough to "tame" is that she is very unpredictable.

Mambo was tough at first but he was predictable. Teeny Weeny is a bit of a wild card. So she's going to stay behind with us for a bit longer.

Roxy and Mambo are probably the pair that will wind up going. They are both tuxedo kitties. Very soft. Very cuddly. I think Mambo will be a bit aggressive at first but he'll soften up eventually. I wanted for Johnny and Teeny Weeny to go off first but i think a cat that is unfriendly but predictable will be easier to handle than one that is less friendly and very unpredictable...
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