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Frontline Spray

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Does anyone know where I can get frontline spray? I actually need it for my rats but I can't seem to find it anywhere but Ebay and I am a little hesitant to buy meds on there. Thanks.
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Have you called a few vets in your area???
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I have asked before, but not lately. I am takin my cat Bowie to the vet tomorrow so I will ask again. But I meant online, I thought it might be cheaper if I ordered it like in bulk maybe.
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You can get it here: http://www.petedge.com/shopping/prod...ctID=4105&AS=1

They normally supply pet supply companies, so there may be a small order charge.

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I order mine from two places...

Both stores have excellent prices, fast shipping and reliable service. I highly recommend them.
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Do your rats have fleas..? Mine have never picked them up, even when the dogs had a really bad bout of them. I'm just curious... I didn't even know you could use Frontline on them, I'd always heard Revolution..
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I do not suggest fiprinol sprayed on a rat for 2 reasons. First frontline is quite toxic to rats and should only be used in a well measured amount. That is not easily achieved with a spray (actually the reason I dislike sprays for all animals). 2nd small animals like rats suffer respiratory issues very easily. Sprays and powders are not suggested for applying any medication to rodents because of the potential lung damage from breathing them in. Always use a measured dose such as from a syringe for applying topical medications.
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