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Silly doggie

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This photo of my shih'tzu Jello was taken by an amateur photographer. Jello was shaved last week due to hot spots. Pretty funny face huh?
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That is such a cute picture of her! Silly Jello!
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Oh she's soooooo cute!
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I can almost hear the Joey line "how're YOU doin'!?" He's soooo cute!! I love the name Jello for him too... it just fits
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Oh what a funny face, Jello!

Still, it's such a cute picture!
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I love that look!!!
Watcha lookin at!!!
Just too cute Jello!!
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That is adorable! Love the name, too!
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Jello is cute!
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What a cutie!
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What a little sweetie!!
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Jello doesn't look happy !
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