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My turn for a quiz!

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You're The Snacker. That doesn't mean that you live on a strict Pringles and Snickers diet, but it does mean you probably don't eat the traditional "three squares" a day and that you probably prefer a few satisfying bites to a big sit-down meal. I'd say I have to agree, considering the way I eat!
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Just call me the buffet-babe!
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I'm the DIETER!?

My goodness, that's a shock! But really, there weren't good answers for me for some of those questions. I mean, when I'm upset I don't change how much I eat, I switch from food I usually make myself to comfort food, but the question only asked about quantitiy. Or, my biggest concern when eating a meal made by a friend, is that nothing too strange is served (my friends and I tend to have adventurous taste in restaurants, so you never know what's going to turn up at someone's house). I don't diet, though I do try to pay attention to what I eat, so it didn't work well for me.
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I am the snacker. Sounds like me
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I am, definitely, a carnivore! You know what they say about pets and their owners.
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You're The Dieter, which may or may not mean you're actually on a specific "diet." It may be that you're just aware of portion sizes and calorie count. And you probably keep track of dessert, only indulging on special occasions.
These habits definitely help you maintain your weight, but for proper nutrition, it's important to eat a variety of foods — nothing should be completely off-limits. Being a little flexible about what and when you eat can make life a lot more fun. So keep up the good work in avoiding overeating, but don't forget that an ice cream sundae every now and then is perfectly legal!

now if only I could loose the weight
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I'm a snacker!

this is true. I don't tend to eat three squares, but a lot of little meals to keep me going.
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I'm a snacker also.
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I'm a 'Dieter' too :rainbow:
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I'm The Careful Eater
Maybe you have food sensitivities or allergies, perhaps you simply prefer to avoid certain things, like meat or sugar.

Regardless, you're definitely well-versed in reading food labels and talking to waiters--you're a truly informed eater.

It's very true, and I've always been fussy about what I eat.
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Outta my way folks, I'm heading to the Buffet!
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Im a dieter..... no no, Deb, I don't want that mini sausage roll....
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You're The Sugar and Starch Craver. Your signal to eat is usually a mood swing or a major energy slump. Both of these problems could be signs of low blood sugar — which means you probably respond by reaching for something sweet or starchy.
You're not alone. Many people, including more than a few women, find themselves drawn to the carbohydrates found in sugary foods, as well as bread, cake, cookies, pasta, potatoes, and rice. It may be that these foods help counter hormonal shifts. And since carbs provide energy, athletes and overworked people also tend to crave them — but their quick burn can be followed by an equally swift crash.
To balance your moods and your energy levels and get off the craving cycle, add some diversity to your diet. When you feel tired, resist the bagel and reach for a high-protein snack instead — try a hard-boiled egg, a piece of cheese, or a handful of nuts. For dessert, fresh fruit can be a nutritious, refreshing alternative to a piece of sugar-heavy cake. Remember, you don't need to avoid carbs completely. Get a little balance going and feel the difference.

That is just so me!
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I very seldom eat after dinner and even then it's more likely to be salty than sweet.


I just HATE it when diet gurus try to tell you a piece of fruit is as good as a slice of cake. It's not the same at all! Unless the fruit is in a pie, THAT would be desert!
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Sunlion!! I hear ya!!! How on earth is an APPLE any kind of substitute for a large helping of sticky toffee pudding?!?!?!?!?! Have people gone mad!! Hahaha
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You're The Snacker. Very true I am always eating! lol
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