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My cat has not eaten for one week?

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I have a 17lb nuetered male cat - Bubba.

The last day he ate anything was 3/8, almost one week. He started vomiting the same day. I took him to the Vet Sunday. He ran a blood test and also x-rays to look for blockage. Bubba was hydrated and given something to settle his stomach. The blood work was okay and the x-rays were clean. I trust the Vet, been in business 25+ years.

The Vet could find nothing wrong with Bubba so I brought him home Monday.

He sleeps a lot and does move from room to room, but he's definitely not the same. No fever, eyes normal, no sore spots, etc. Will not eat or drink anything. My other cats are fine.

The Vet mentioned that sometimes a cat will eat something that causes incredible indigestion and it scares them away from food for awhile. He does go outside daily for an hour or two so maybe he got into something he shouldn't.

Has anyone had this happen to their cat?
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believe me he would not have the energy to go outside if he did not eat - he quite possibly makes himself a catch while he is out and gets himself a drink as well. Ok he might not feel up to his normal self. If you are not comfortable get a second opinion from another Vet for peace of mind. Best you and your little one
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I have never had a cat stop eating for that long. There are so many things that can cause this. Usually it means something is wrong. Did the vet check his teeth? Depression could even bring something like this on. Hopefully he starts eating soon. Please let us know how he's doing.
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Ten years ago my cat had a similar problem.His blood chemistrey was fine, everything was ok except that he wouldn,t eat.The vet felt that for whatever reason his stomach was just upset.Close to a week went by and finally my vet decided to give him a cortisone injection.My vet told me that if it helps I will see signs within a few hours. Sure enough he miracleously started to feel better and eat his food.Let me know how things work out!By the way, my kitty is now 20yrs old.
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Thanks for the reply Joe.

My vet has placed him on a steroid and Bubba is showing signs of recovery. We've caught him at the water bowl much more and once or twice he actually drank. We forced some food down him and after awhile he perked up. Hopefully the medication will build up and he'll recover. I still find it hard to believe (others do to) that this cat has had virtually no food for one week.

I'll post again when perks up.
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Bubba has not improved. I'm taking him to a specialist in Dallas today. I'll post again when I know more.
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I will keep Bubba in my thoughts! I hope they can find out what is bothering him!! I hope its good news when we hear from you!!
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Thank you for the note.

The lymph nodes appeared to be enlarged during an ultrasound. They aspirated one and I'll learn the biopsy results tomorrow. It could be lymphoma...
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Dear Pat,

I was sort of where you are until yesterday. Tango, who had symptoms Bubba doesn't have, had exploritory surgery done, a week ago, he had over half of his colon removed and they thought they had found a tumor, and his lymph nodes were swollen. They were pretty sure he had lymphoma, and couldn't see any other reason why the lymph nodes would be swollen. It isn't cancer, his lymph nodes were swollen because of an infection. I figure you must be out of your mind with worry, I am not suggesting that it isn't cancer, but just letting you know it may be something else. Our hopes and prayers are with you. Keep me posted

Cynthia and Tango
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Thank you for this board and all that post. It is greatly appreciated.

Bubba was put to sleep yesterday. He was diagnosed with carcinoma in his lymph nodes and the Doctor (the second specialist) suspected that it was pervasive throughout his body. Surgery was an option, but she said euthanasia was the best choice given the slim chance for survival. The ultrasound detection was the key to the diagnosis.

Many tears have passed and there will be more…

I don’t know why, we have four cats, but I was looking for another one in December 1999. I stopped at the shelter almost daily on my way home from work. I was attracted to that big 19 pound neutered male Tabby Cat with a moustache. He was there several weeks while the kittens came and went. On about 12/22 I drove by there with my oldest daughter and slowed down. I mentioned that we should stop and get that big cat. Sarah held her tongue well. When we got home, the cat was lounging on our bed with a bow on his head. My Wife and other two children adopted him for me as a Christmas present. All I could say besides “Thank you†was “Let’s call him Bubba.†A memorable Christmas.

Bubba was a special cat. He rarely meowed. Mostly he said something like, “wraat.†He was always at the food dish, almost hourly. He kept a constant vigil on the dog water too and would sound the alarm “wraat†when it was running low.

We had him only a few weeks when he jumped onto a built-in fold-down ironing board and pulled in out of the wall. I had removed it to paint and just slid it back in place without nailing it. This was a source of entertainment for several days! I secured the ironing board, but Bubba never jumped on it again.

Bubba loved water. Part of the morning and evening ritual was that he would set in the bathtub and, “wraat†until we started the water running for him. A trickle into the bottom of a plastic Noah’s Ark boat was all it took to make him happy. He would drink from the stream for several minutes, then leave. We could never train him to shut off the water…

He would sleep in my vanity sink for hours, or on our bed with his feet in the air.

He was the first animal I saw in the morning and the last when I went to sleep at night.

He was always by my side when I stayed up late at night and usually slept by me.

He would announce a muffled, “wraat†and spit out a windup mouse. He didn’t want to play, just his way of announcing that he caught something and wanted attention.

The other cats would hide when we had company, but Bubba would hang around and be sociable. This was one of his best personality traits. He was always there.

We buried Bubba in the landscaping near the bathtub he enjoyed so much. I’ll always think of him when I mow the yard while I walk back and forth in front of the window.

I thank the Lord that this was a relatively easy decision. Money was not a factor and I’m glad. Surgery and chemotherapy was a possibility, but in all likelihood would have been unsuccessful. The choice was to end his life while he was not in pain, or spend much more on the slim chance that it might be extended.

Again, thank you for the privilege of sharing this with you. My hope is that this note will remind someone of their lost pet and bring a smile to their face or perhaps encourage someone needing a companion to consider the animal shelter as a source of that one special friend that can bring enjoyment into your life.
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Oh Pat, you are indeed a brave soul. I have nothing but admiration for you to be able to smile and remember all of the wonderfull things about Bubba. My heart goes out to you. Please know you have all of my support and love. Bubba sounds like a wonderful addition to your family. Thank-you for sharing your story. If you need an ear or a shoulder let me know.

God Bless
Cynthia and Tango
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I am so sad about what the outcome was. I am very sorry for the loss. Coming from another cat person, I understand how hard it must have been. I am happy to see you are going to remember all the stuff that made him special. I truely beleive that they were put on this earth to make us smile!
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I'm so sorry for your loss! It was so wonderful of you to rescue Bubba and make his life a happy one while he was with you and your family! Thank you!
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