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vibes for re-wedding ceremony

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I am nervous about Saturday!! My husband and I eloped this past August and we're having a ceremony and reception on Saturday. I bought a wedding dress but it came late and to top it off it was the wrong size! The wedding dress shop measured me and everything and it still came in wrong!! Now I have to go find a cheap dress tomarrow and will look decent. Luckily this is a renewal ceremony, so I'll probably just get a dress or skirt from Banana Republic or something (I have a credit card there, thank God!).

I'm super excited about the food we're having and I'm excited about seeing family and friends. There are quite a few people who won't be able to make it though, which is sad to me. We're supposed to get 7 inches of snow tonight, so I'm hoping that doesn't impact the roads and people's ability to come.

I'm just nervous. I also just realized that I didn't make an appointment to get my hair styled!! Ahh! I think I'll just go to a salon in the mall tomarrow to see if someone could put my hair into a nice bun of some sort on Saturday. I figured that would be easy and pretty.

Yeah, sorry to ramble, but I'm getting nervous and all this stuff seems to be going wrong.

On the other hand things are going well, so it's a weird situation! My sister-in-law and her husband got us a really nice hotel room for the night, totally by suprise. I am looking forward to that. At least we are already married, so no matter if things don't work out quite the way we had hoped it will be ok.

Thanks for letting me rant!!
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Good luck tomorrow! You already have the hard part done - actually getting married - so tomorrow just enjoy it all!!!
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Oh, do NOT be nervous. Well, not overly so, at least. It may seem like the world's coming to an end and everything is going wrong, but once it comes down to it, everything will be fine. You will have fun, and you'll be too excited walking down that isle to really even care at that point!
Congrats!! Best wishes.
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Wow! You have a lot on you plate right now! I hope and pray the roads are ok for all your guests. Best of luck on your second big day!
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Oooh, GOOD LUCK! Fortunately, so much has already gone wrong-ish, it can only go up from here, right?
Please let us know how it goes and I want to see pictures young lady!
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Aw hunny I missed this thread! I really really hope things went well for you yesterday, despite the little hitches.... as long as the important hitch went off without a hitch then you're okay!! That's a real shame about the wedding gown though, I'd be really upset if it were me! Like you said though, it is a renewal ceremony (I love them all though....) Congratulations! Just mind and give us pics!
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Oh darn!, I just saw this thread too!...I hope everything went really well for you and you can post some pictures soon
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I also hope everything went well and you had a fantastic time
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