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Saba and the Sachet

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This little sachet is in my sewing room upstairs.

For months now, Saba has been playing a very interesting game - and I've been stumped as to what she's been trying to tell me. The sachet sits beside SiSi's photo RIP I will wake up in the middle of the night with Saba dragging it up to our bed, chirping. In the morning, I put it back, and then the next night she's dragged it back again. It's 5" long, and Saba is tiny, so she has to work pretty hard to put it on her mouth and carry it off. Sometimes it gets left in the hallway, and sometimes I will put it back and then we'll go back and forth with it two or three times a day! I wonder what she is telling me, besides thinking it's a little game. She doesn't do it with any other item, and she won't do it when I can see her, either. It's like she's determined to be stubborn! Does anybody else's kitties do such???
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I have an adidas gym bag that munch used to be crazy about. He would drag it out of my closet every night and pounce on it in the living room. So I left it out so he could play with it and now he just ignores it (like all his other toys he's become bored with!)
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I don't think she's trying to tell you anything, I think she's just playing. Mellie likes to drag my socks around the house.
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I think Saba is telling you that the sachet is too pretty to be lying ignored and alone in the sewing room Try putting it in different places around the house where Saba can find it. Let's see what she does.
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Oliver drags my mop into the living room on a daily basis. How he gets that big mop there is beyond me, I watch him do it and am amazed. He is after the mop head that is how he drags it,
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Originally Posted by yayi
I think Saba is telling you that the sachet is too pretty to be lying ignored and alone in the sewing room Try putting it in different places around the house where Saba can find it. Let's see what she does.

What a great idea! I'm so dim - couldn't think of that myself. I'm going to do it, too!
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Saba, you're so precious! I'm really looking forward to knowing how she responds to your putting it in different locations around the house! Sierra and Serenity love your sachet, Eddie, and would likely enjoy it in play, as well, if it wasn't tied above our bed.
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Awww, Saba, what a fun game!

I look forward to finding out what she does with the moving of the sachet!

Molly likes to do that with numerous things! The funniest being my stick duster - I'd find it wedged by the bed as she was trying to drag it behind and half in her cat box!
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I will wake up sometimes and find cat toys on the bed!!
I remember Sheba would drag up from the basement (we have 4 levels) a 3 ft long foam tube that are used to warm around water pipes. I would find that thing all over the house. She was a tiny thing too and that foam tube was so long!!! No other cats have ever done that.
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My parents' cat, when my sister and I still lived at home, would carry our rolled-up socks downstairs whenever we were away from home for more than a few nights. The socks were always clean, but she could still smell us on them and knew they belonged to us; I think she thought if she carried those socks around, our parents would bring us home sooner.

My former roommates' dainty little calico likes to get into the sewing room and carry things downstairs to leave in the living room. She's a very girly-girl kind of cat; she only brings pretty things -- like lace, ribbon, bows and bits of embroidery -- downstairs. When we still lived there, my own cat Spike would break into the room and steal balls of yarn, which he would then wrap around every piece of furniture in the house. Understandably, the sewing room door was usually kept closed, and the cats were only allowed in there with supervision. Somehow, though, the dainty wee calico would still manage to steal bits of lace and pretty, girly ribbons. A talented cat, that one ...
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Java likes to play with empty mint tea packets...maybe Saba likes the scent of the sachet?
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Well, it took about a week, but Saba has reacted to the sachet being in the living room, underneath "her" chair....this morning when I woke up it was on the floor by the bed. I guess all the huffing and puffing to get it upstairs wore the little one out, and she couldn't manage to jump up on the bed with it.....
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