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Ollie my 4 month old rag doll kitten is very 'bitey'!!! When he s in one of his 'Play with me NOW' moods, boy does he bite. When I brush my teeth he bites my ankles and toes REALLY REALLY HARD. He seems to need to bite at things. He will chew on an old cardboard box (which he loves to hide in etc)but given half a chance he would eat us for breakfast! He responds to a hard slap on the sofa when we are sitting(the noise scares him)Thing is he seems to know that what he is doing hurts us and licks the part where he has mullered straight after. When he has my fingers in his mouth he seems to rub his gums against my fingers. Will he lose the teeth he has at the momemt and get new ones like kids do? Anything he can get in his mouth he will chew! It really is like having a child and keeping things out of reach!

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He will lose his teeth and he's possible already lost a few. Usually by 6 months he should have all his adult teeth in and hopefully his biting habit will stop.

His gums are pretty sore so biting and chewing on things helps soothe them. Try getting him a thin rawhide stick(the ones that are very very thin and about 5 inches long) preferable even the flavored ones. When he's thinking of knawing on your hand give him one of these to chew on. You can also put the rawhide in the freezer for a few minutes to make it cold so it with help soothe his gums.
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I've read that kitties enjoy chewing on straws and surgical tubing as well, YMMV.
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.....and I was told the straws from MCDonalds are supposed to be especially good.
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My cat chews everything in site as well. She's 7 months old. I put out the old newspaper and let her at it. It makes a huge mess, but at least she isn't biting me.
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