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I'm a Grandma!!!

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Another bit of wonderful news today. I became a Grandma for the first time tonight. My grandson (Jamie) was born just after 8pm. He weighed in at 7lb 4oz. My daughter had a long labour with him but both Mum and baby are doing fine

If all goes well, they'll get home from hospital tomorrow

Unfortunately my daugher lives over 500 miles away but I hope I can scrape up enough money (after paying vets bills for Lucy) to maybe go up to Scotland for a couple of days next weekend.

That's 2 bits of really wonderful news tonight. My grandson being born safely and Lucy my cat getting home from the vet
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Congratulations Grandchildren are the best (you can give them back)

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Congratulations! Glad the Mom and baby boy are doing well!
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My mother has hinted she would like to be grandma soon
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photos of non furry babies are OK too
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Way to go Grandma!!!! My mother said it was the very best thing that ever happened to her. When she became a Grandmother.
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Congratulations on the precious new grandson.
It is FUN to be a grandma!!!
(I`m about to become a GREAT grandma...anyday now...and ours is a boy too!)
What a wonderful Christmas gift, huh?
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Congrats!!! You are going to post pics, right?!
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I'll post pics as soon as I get some
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Congratulations! My friends are having their almost yearly baby boom so it's been fun here. I think giving them back is great! (I'm still so scared the little ones will break!)
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Yes!! Pictures! Can't wait to see that cute li'l face. You must be so excited! Huge congrats.
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That is wonderful news!! Congratulations...good to hear that mom and baby are well
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Congrats on that new grand baby, My hubby just got his first on Nov17th.
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Congratulations! Oh, how exciting! Welcome to the world, Jamie! (And welcome home, Lucy, I hope you are feeling so much better!)
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Congratulations!!!! . I wish my daughter would decide to give me a grandchild soon.
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EEEE Congratulations!! Good to hear mum and Jamie are both doing well
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wow go granny!!! but its nice to give them back!! congrats and hope to see the non furries soon
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Congratulations on your new Grandson Jamie.
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Congratulations. I have twin granddaughters.

Remember: no babysitting, unitl he's completely potty-trained. (Since he's a male, this should be in about 40 years )
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