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pictures of Kiddie

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Some of you have asked to see picture of Kiddie, my orphan kit raised by my hubby and I since birth. He will be 2 months old tomorrow, is extremely, extremely active and very attached to us. We just love him! I cannot thank you guys enough for all your advice and help in raising him!!!

Here's Kiddie :

With Daddy:

This is Toots, Kiddie's mommy who passed away the day after giving birth to him. She was a beauty!

And this is our 4 years old, Babs, who's Kiddie's biological grandmother (Toot's mommy) who cannot stand her own grand-kitten (which explains the scowl on her face, she was growling at him when I took this picture!!)
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What a cutie!!!

Well done on handraising!! I know how you feel!
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Kiddie looks just like his grammma-kitty... Kiddie is a doll... his gramma is a beautiful girl, and his momma was gorgeous... such a blessed little fuzzy family you have. I'm sure as he gets older, his gramma won't mind him so much...

meanwhile at my place, my two 'kids' are going berzerk at the first solid snowstorm this year... "whazzat white stuff falling outside our windows??"

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He sure is a cutie! I'm really amazed at how well you did. I was basically holding my breath for the first several weeks. What a little doll.
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YOu have done a wonderful job. What a beauty Kiddie has turned out to be.
And your right .. his momma was a beauty!!
Tell grandma to chill.... (Although she is a beauty as well).
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Zabby he is gorgeous, as well as Babs and Toots, congrats on the 2 month mile mark. Hooray
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Adorable! I bet grandma kitty will eventually love him, he's too cute to resist!
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What a beautiful kitty!
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Thank you everybody! We are quite proud of our little munchkin... and "notre grosse" Babs, even if she can be mean at times.
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