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Kitty pats

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Does anyone else's cat give you little pats? Josie gave me several pats on the hand trying to get my attention and cheer me up one day when I was really sad. Sometimes when she cuddles at night, she'll pat my nose to get me to look down at her. This morning, she patted my cheek trying to get me to pay attention to her, but I was too sleepy.
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Ahhhh what a cutie .
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How cute!

Sylvestra gives my hand or arm a pat when she wants a pet
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Kitty pats are lovely, aren't they?!! Tibby will pat and stroke my neck with his paw when he want me to wake up in the morning and pet him! Willow is learning this technique very quickly for Tibby and is giving it a go too!!

Molly just cleans me and rubs all over my face!
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Sierra's favorite way to wake me up is to sit just below my neck, and one paw at a time, gently patting my face!
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Laura likes to use that technique, too. She'll give you a gentle pat on the hand when she's had enough stroking and petting and another one if you don't stop after the first one. If you still don't stop, you'll feel her claws*ouch*
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Yep, Miya will do that. If I am standing up, she will stand on her hind legs and gently scratch me if she REALLY wants to be picked up.
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Originally Posted by tuxedokitties
How cute!

Sylvestra gives my hand or arm a pat when she wants a pet
Aww... she's absolutely adorable!! She's not my kitty, but I think she's amazing...You should be proud to have such a lovely cat and I'm sure u are
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Sophies the little paw patter in our house
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Sophies the little paw patter in our house
Hi Rosie, I'd just like to say that your kitties are gorgeous....
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Aww thanks Vanessa!, their lttle cherubs
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Thank you, Vanessa! She is a sweetie all right - I'll give her a hug for you.
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Yes, my little boy Luci started to run up, meow and pat my arm when he wanted attention. He has since taught this trick to his sister Emmagan. They have me trained very well.
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Karma pats our faces softly when we hold her as if she is saying I love you. She also will run up and pat my arm when one of her toys gets stuck under something. She also does run bys and will pat any part she can reach. Kitty pats rule.
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