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It's Saturday! whoo-hoo aka our D.T. for 3/23

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Hello friends!!

It's been a very productive day so far. I was up at 9 to do water aerobics, then I went to the bank to deposit some checks, then tanning. Then home to wake up S/O so we could go to the 12:30 showing of a beautiful mind. Then to petsmart to get litter for the girls, and then to K-mart because they are closing and we wanted to see if they had any good deals. Now we are finally home. whew! Now we will veg the rest of the day and night. Maybe watch a dvd. We have a lot that we watch over and over. So we may pull out an old favorite.

What are you all up to today?

Whatever it is, hope that today is peaceful for everyone
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I took my dog out for a 6 mile run and now I'm being lazy. That's ok though because tomarrow I'm stuck cleaning and food shopping.
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Good day all. Slept late today (was up late last night with the lacrosse game). Went & got tickets to the semi-final lacrosse game & treated myself to a Cinnabon - yummy! Have been doing alot of quizes on www.emode.com - lots of fun. We are going to pick up a couple of movies and maybe some soulvaki soon. Hope everyone has a great day!
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Spring cleaning here- fun! fun! fun! NOT also muddied the walls in the new master bedroom, and put up the ceiling. It is almost looking like a bedroom now! Mike is framing in my new-walk in closet, while I am catching my breath.........
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What is D.T.? We are hanging out at home because tonight we are meeting friends for supper.
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D.T. stands for Daily Thread. Basically we all just let each other know what's going on and what exciting plans we have!

I'm having a pretty lazy day, intersperced with cleaning. Hubby's new night DJing starts tonight, so I will be seeing friends at the club tonight. Should be fun.

Well, I've already spent over an hour here on this site so I should at least try to get something done around here.
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Hiya, guys n' gals! Spent most of the day shopping, spent lots of $$ that I shouldn't have! Oh well, it was fun.:tounge2:

Waiting now for my husband to come home from work, haven't seen him since last night. He has such a crazy schedule!

Hope everyone's Saturday was nice and fun too!!
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Thanks valanhb!
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I'm child-free today.

Slept in, had an argument with the almost-ex, got some mail art together. Gonna run out to Kinko's for a few, and this evening I should be watching tv and doing chores. There's so much I just can't do when the daughter is around. I might stop in a craft store and see if there's anything good there to paint, I feel like painting. I might do some writing.

Got to soak up these lazy days while I can, since soon it will be work for me again.
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Went to work today for 8:00 am. Then after work, picked up a 6 pack of Blue and plan to have a fun evening! Have a good day/night all!!
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