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poor tiger

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Tiger my cat is 7 yearsold he started to have sezures and weput him on drugs ran a hole bunch of test and can't figure out what was wrong he ysed to run around and now he just lay around in the basment doesn't eat or drink much. The vet thinks he is terminal and we are just keeping him cofterble now I am only 15 and I have had him sence I was 7. I am upset becuse Love my cat sooo much I couldn't Image living with out him
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Awww sweetie I feel soo bad for you and your kitty. You should also post this in the health forum so someone with experience in this can offer you some advice. I am sorry I have never experienced this before. Have you tried a second opinion from a different vet? I hope you find the answer to Tigers problem(s) soon, the kitties and I will be praying for you both.
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I will keep you and your sweet Tiger in my thoughts and prayers.

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Aw, poor Tiger. I hope you can figure something out to help him out. Is it possible that the medication is making Tiger too tired? Maybe your parents can call the vet back, or get a second opinion with another vet?

You have had Tiger for almost half of your life!! I hope he recovers so you can have him for more years!
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I am praying for you and your Tiger. ***hugs***
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7 is still young for a cat - please don't give up hope. I will keep Tiger and you in my prayers and thoughts. Please keep us posted on how things are going.
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awwww sweetheart, dont give up hope I know how hard it is to see your loved one in pain
I hope the vet can work out what is wrong with him - keeping you both in my thoughts.... stay strong little Tiger
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I will say a special prayer for Tiger. You will both be in my thoughts. I hope he has more time to enjoy with you.
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