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Christmas pictures!

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I was having some fun this morning. I am just going to post the pictures as I get them in my photobucket. So, it will only be a few at a time. Here are the first two.
Twitch & Lily really like the tree skirt. If only they would leave it on the tree! They have rassled it & each other so much that it has moved away from the tree. You can see the Christmas tree in this picture, the tree skirt, & a gift.

My bro & SIL bought me two Christmasy Care Bears last Christmas. They were both wearing Santa hats & scarves. The hats & scarves are just the right size for Twitch & Lily, so I put them on them. Here is Lily wearing hers. She was asleep while I put it on, but woke up as I took the pic(that's why she has a weird expression on her face).

That's all for now. There will be more as the afternoon goes on.

Here's the next picture. It is Lily wearing her hat & scarf, again.
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That's too cute. I can just imagine what she's thinking. It's like what the heck is going on here, get it off me NOW!
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Awwwwwwwwwwwww thats so cute i love the little hats!!! where did you get them!!! you guys are gonna have a fun christmas i can tell!
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Here's Twitch in her hat & scarf. She hates them more than Lily does. You can see how pretty it is outside with all of the snow through the window behond Twitch.

ali, they came off of a couple of Care Bears.
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Here's the last pic(for now). It is both of them together.
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LOL LOL!!!!! It looks like those hats and scarves weigh a ton! They seem to tolerate them well though! Keep the pics coming, PLEASE
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there are so cute! i'm surprised they sat still enough for a photo if they dislike them...mine would be moving!
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In the pic of the two of them together, Lily is chasing the tassle on her scarf. I had a hard time getting them to sit still. There was something really interessting outside the window, so they kept looking at that. I would turn their faces & quick snap a shot.

I found one more pic I like. This is Twitch as the "TINSEL MONSTER-BEWARE!!"
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how adorable, I want to smother them in kisses!
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OMG! They are so cute!! Twitch looks like she's posing so nice in her Christmas outfit. Great pictures!
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They are cute and funny
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Those are great pics!!, keep em coming!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover
Oh, no! Run and hide!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Great pics. I just love the ones with your cats in the Santa hats!! But could you please lock up the scarewy tinsel monstewh in a cage so he doesn't come an' get mee??

Cute picture.
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WAY too much cuteness!
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These are from a couple of years ago, before we had a digital camera, the the quality is pretty crappy. lol
Here is Miss Kitty with the tree.

And here are Miss Kitty and her dad wrestling under the tree. Ain't they cute? hehe

I will have to get some pics of Zoe with MK under the tree...they have been sleeping on top of the boxes. hehe
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How did you get her to keep the hat and scarf on??
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Haha I am actually laughing out loud at the 2 of them together with their hats and scarves. Our kids are like kids arnt they!!
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hehehehehehe great photos and how you managed to get those kitties to let you put the hats and scarfs on I will never know...I am amazed. My cats would kill me and not let me anywhere near them with that!

Eva x
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The funny thing is that earlier this year Twitch wouldn't wear that hat at all. I told both her & Lily if they didn't wear those Santa wasn't going to bring them any gifts. lol What a mean mommy I am. Threatening them like that!
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AW! I think Noodles would let me put a scarf on her. Mooch probably not though!
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