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wire hair kitten?

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I posted this somewhere else and got not one response .
I got a male kitten, Mother was a rescue, the people dumped her because she had the nerve to get pregnant( stupid people). Father unknown.
Mom is blue point siamese, kitten is same but soft green eyes, not sparkly like other cats.
His fur is wiry and actually stands up in a ridge along his spine. He is very cute. I went on line and found that there are American wirehairs. Anyone ever see one?
Percy goes into the vet tomorrow to be neutered, or should I wait?
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Yes I've seen and felt the American Wirehair. I don't really like it but to each his own. Go ahead and neuter him - he's a mixed breed. He may shed out the coat and have a softer coat - the "wire" feel could mean poor quality food, etc.
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Some cats do have different hair textures. The show i was at recently had a Household pet that had a different hair texture where the fur didn't flatten down but seperated out a bit more than usual. You could really see it and teh judge talked about it and how it can occur.

So a good diet is good but if it dosne't go away then you have a kitty with different fur texturing. It can happen from time to time.
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My kitty has a deffinate ridge down the back of his spine but his fur is really soft. I was just reading about the American wirehairs a little bit and it says that they're very affectionate cats, which he is too. His litter mate doesn't have a ridge though but she does have wirey hair.
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The vet saw him at 6 weeks and now he is 5 months old, I am feeding high quality food.
He was born with a wiry coat it isn't changing.
But he got a reprieve from the neutering, Mother Nature has decided it is finally winter here and we are expecting bad weather tomorrow so Percy will go in on Tuesday instead.
I just was wondering if anyone had actually seen a wire hair cat. Just curiousity. I don't want an intact tom in my house, been there done that.
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