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Shameful, embarrassing things you do to your cat

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Of course I mean all in fun, but what are some things you do to your kitty that, if he or she were human would say "oh NO! This is totally embarrassing!"

1. Miya's got a big belly!
I take her paws and make her rub her belly. She is completely mellow, but I am sure she would tell me how embarassing it was.
2. OMG!
Sometimes I take her paw and gently make her touch her forehead. SHe also finds this embarassing.
3. Mockery
Sometimes I immitate my cat when I hold her a certain way where her paws are sticking out and she's licking her lips. She just stares at me for that.
4. Pet diapers
Probably the worst of them all. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a necessity for longer trips.
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I give Luna love (hugs, kisses)when she least wants it. I.e. when she's trying to go after Beauty or Patches, when she's really playful, etc. I can almost hear her say "MOM! Stop that! Not in front of the other cats!!!!".
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Sometimes I pick mine up and dance with them
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Wow you get pet diapers? How insanely embarassing can you get!? I would be embarassed to put my cat in them... let alone think about how the cat must be feeling!!

Hrmn.. I can't think of anything I do that's embarassing... I'm just big mean ol' mummy as far as Tosca's concerned. Rune is the real favourite! He does all sorts of embarassing things and she seems to love him for it..... have you ever seen a near 6' tall guy get on all fours on the floor and make "baby" noises to a cat? It's hysterical!
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Let me just say that Miya was NOT amused, haha! I put a "test fit" one on her. She took one step and just collapsed on the floor and stared at me as if to say, "Mommy, get this off of me right now!"

Oh! I dance with my cat, too! I think she kinda likes that, too.
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Why would you put a diaper on your cat? If you are going on a really long trip try buying a dog crate that can hold both your cat and a small litter box. I travel all the time with my cats. The longest trip is to my parents house in upstate NY and it takes me about 6 hours to get there. I just dont feed them the morning I am Leaving and I leave Really early (usually around 5 am.) so I get home around lunch time and feed them.
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when they stick their butts into my face i blow air into their butts
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Originally Posted by fwan
when they stick their butts into my face i blow air into their butts
Me too! It seems an appropiate response, and the cats really don't like it.
I also make Pushkin rub his big belly sometimes.
I have been known to dance in front the cats. They just stare in disbelief that they ended up with such an uncool human.
Sometimes just to bug them, when they're grooming, I'll rub the fur they just groomed up the wrong way so they have do to it all over again.
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Clean Loki's butt to he let's me know the indignity of it all..
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This thread is pretty funny!
Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
Sometimes I pick mine up and dance with them

Sometimes I'll pick up Chasey, call her Superkitty, raise my arms and fly her all around through each room. She seems to enjoy it. Too bad I can't do it anymore. I'd have to call her Super Hovering Helicopter Kitty instead.
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Originally Posted by fwan
when they stick their butts into my face i blow air into their butts
That did make me laugh hard...I do too!

I also call minx by her nickname out in the garden which is minkymoo!

I've been singing silent night to them and telling them to be good or santa won't come.

I shake Indies paw and say "how do you do" in a really silly voice.

I tease Indie that he has a girlfriend and he wants to kissss her.. cos he sits with next doors cat alot.
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I can be a meanie. To make Twitch & Lily play sometimes(if they have been lazy one day), I shine a lazer light on the back of Twitch's head. Lily goes flying toward her & pounces on her head. That usually gets the two of them playing. I put Santa hats & scarves on them.

I wipe their butts when they don't feel well. I blow on their butts when they get them between me & the computer screen. I dance with them. I make them ride the dogs like horses(the dogs even have saddles)! I have Twitch "punch" Lily like a boxer would. Lily looks at me like "stop that you idiot!"
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OMG this thread is cracking me up!!!!!!!!! Pushlady you crack me up!!!!! I can see the evil glare on their faces when you mess up their hair!
The most embarasing(sp) thing I do, is talk to them in rediculous voices ( they each have their own voice BTW) although Chichi gets upset with all my kisses sometimes LOL and I get a paw slap LOL
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
Sometimes I pick mine up and dance with them
and sing a madeup song about her at the same time!

and there is also this:

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Gosh...I'm awful nice to my kitties! They have nicknames and what not, but really I don't think I do anything like ya'll to embarass them!
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Ohhhhh no Abby!!!! You poor baby, what has meowmy done to you! LOL LOL ROLF!
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I call my Cupid fat a lot. If he was a human, he'd definitely have a complex! He's not even fat, really, he just looks like it. I personally don't think this is embarrassing, but some people I know do--especially guys:

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When DH was in a bad mood I made Meish dance and play the 'air guitar' for him....

I do the same thing to the dog....
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I talk baby talk to them. This time of year I turn the electric blanket on for them and cover them up with a blanket. And fluff the pillow up just right for them!
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Oh My I am laughing so hard at this thread.......
I do the blowing on the bum thing too....lol Hey she sticks it in my face....
The pictures are a scream....lol
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Since I haven't had Marlee too terribly long, I haven't come up with too many ways to embarass her. One thing that cracks me up is if she's trying to nap, and gets in one of her 'touch me not' moods, I'll go up to her on the bed and cuddle cuddle cuddle, right up next to her and kissing her, etc. She actually handles it better than I would....just looks at me like I'm totally insane and eventually gets up and walks off.

Meeko is the kitty at my parents house, and this story is too funny! We bought my dog Maggie a Christmas bells set (had a thick red velvet collar thing with white fur tuffs, and four matching bracelets for the legs, all with bells). We tried it on Maggie first. We put them on her and she absolutely froze! Would not move a muscle, except her eyes to look at each of us and PLEAD to get these scary things off her! So next we tried Meeko, who took about three running steps then collapsed her back legs and began to pull herself around like she was paralyzed. Poor cat couldn't figure out where the jingling was coming from!
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Hubby sometimes will "rough up" Rocky and rub him the wrong way and his fur is all disheveled. Rocky doesn't even notice half the time. Rocky gets the brunt of jokes- he is called the Jabroni, the peoples cat, etc. Hubby likes to insinuate that he isn't that bright. I also will pat the kitties on their bottoms and say what a fluffy butt! We also bought a harley skull cap meant for small dogs in las vegas, put it on the their heads and took pictures. Zakk was pretty mad! They also find grooming and nail clipping to be in very bad taste. Cookie is small enough that he still gets held like a baby!
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I wad up a piece of scotch tape and press it onto the backs of Toby and Tedy`s heads or just above where their tails are attached to their butts.....just to watch them try to get it off.
Toby always jumps up off his bunkbed in the morning and dives under the bottom bunk....but he leaves his butt and tail sticking out, so i always say "I`m gonna get your butt Toby!"....and I grab his butt , legs and tail....then i can hear him start purring really loud and he sharpens his nails on the under side of the bunk.
I also call Toby "Fat-Cat"
I call Tedy a "Dumpster-Diving-Bum" cause he`s always tipping over the trash and climbing inside the wastebasket ....no doubt hoping to find a used Q-tip or bandaid.
I call Tedy "Sheddy Tedy"
I also looked up a sight on the web that has bird calls..... :-) ...That`s always fun! Drives the cats NUTSO looking for the birds.
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I would love to do that, but the thing is, I have to travel from Japan to the US. I opted to take her onto the plane with me because I know that she is an emotional wreck if I'm not there with her. Adding to the fact that she's never been on an airline before will probably make it a lot worse. Maybe in the future I will buy a crate, but this trip, there won't be a lot of choice.
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I think I'm going to buy my cat a dress to wear. I know she will HATE that.
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You cruel woman you!!
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This thread is funny!!, I don't really do too much to Reilly that embarrasses him... he likes all the "baby boo boo kitty" talk and he'd rip my face off if I ever tried to make him wear anything
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this thread...oh my tummy hurts from laughing!

When i was a kid i used to try and put all my cabbage patch kid clothes on my cats and then try and strap them into my stroller....poor cats. I swear they went into the photo albums and ate all the pictures I had of dressup time...i can't find them anywhere!
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Scarlett is, well, my little slut so we call her Scarlett harlot, particularly when she flings herself on her back and spreads her legs so we can rub her tummy. She IS the tummy slut!

Pinky looks huge with all his fur and we have been calling him "biggest pinkest" for a long time now. He is answering him to "biggest" these days.

Pinky is not as large as Spanky, who we have the perpetual weight battle with. He's currently "Chunks".
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I am sweet to my cats. I would never try to embarrass them because they think for themselves. I would hate to see what they would do to me to get even.
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