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Not a good thing...

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I am back just to inform you of something that happen to one of my daughter's little friend who is 8/9 yrs of age. Apparently a tomcat came into their yard and was fighting with one of the females who just had kittens. (They live on a farm), anyways in 3 seconds this little girl got in the middle of something very dangerous(it happen on the front porch), she apparently went to grab one of the cats and it ended up that the cat turned their aggression on her and she ended up with serious lacerations to her face she had to be rushed to the hospital 40 mins away and may need to consult with a plastic surgeon she ended up with gashes requiring 13 or more stitches. Pretty traumizing for the child and her family. I know how upset cats can get I almost ended up in the same prediciment when one of my previous cats needed it's immunizations. It took 4 of us to hang onto the cat!!!
Very serious and it could of been worse so just for others information be aware of a aggressive cats and children.
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OH that's so awful! It's lucky she didn't lose an eye! That's a horrendous thing to happen to a child (well, to anyone, but a child is more easily traumatised) I hope everything goes well and she makes a good recovery I do think people need to inform their kids a little better about what can happen if they try to get in the way of aggressive animals.
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My thoughts and prayers will be with that little girl and her family. I can't imagine how frightening that would be. I hope she's able to get the care she needs for her wounds.
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Yikes! I hope she recovers fully. Maybe you can suggest to them that even barn cats can be spayed and neutered, and this will end the fights for the most part.

I got bit and scratched as a kid when I go into the middle of a cat fight. At the time, no one could convince me that it was a bad idea! Hopefully this little girl will see a plastic surgeon to ensure she doesn't have bad scarring.
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