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Question about Maj. Grey

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Well folks I wonder about this - can any one explain
if it is "typical" feral behavior?

Maj Grey WILL come in the basement doors - if I open
them and move away
and sit on the basement stairs. He enters then settles down to
nap at the door so he can escape back out.

(Naughty me, I'd like to sneak up and close the door
but have no luck doing this. Am very frustrated!!)

He will (or did in the last snow storm) sit by the
patio door on cushions (with ground pad under it -
I'm always thinking of his comfort, LOL!) all night
long in a calm snow storm (no winds).

But he's stopped using the shelter he used
to go in that is under the stairs. (Scared by something or someone?)

I moved the second shelter today -
not as good as first - but I just
pray it will be "okay" for tonights snow

Now, here's the funny bit. He comes when I call him.
If he is outside and hears me walking around with Lexi
and Diablo - he comes and he follows us!! He observes
our interactions intently.

He comes into the yard when I call - but he doesn't always eat the food!
Not hungry? I don't know. He seesm to want to hunker
down with me talking to him and sort of "nap". I do blinkies
at him, talk softly and can get as close as 5 ft. Then he
will either up and run a few feet - or visibly get "ready" to
move. This is either in the basement or outside.

So what's up with this cat? I thought a "true" feral would
NEVER come inside ANY structure? (Admittedly he knows
Lexi is in there, and has seen her in/out many times
from basement... Could he have been "owned" before??

Or is he just making alot of leaps of trust for ME? (Always
very flattering idea!!)

And what can I do to hurry the process along of getting to be
able to get him in AND close the door?? I really really want
him to understand that I am not going to hurt him!!
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IMO he is making great leaps for you. The WORST thing you could do would be to rush him. If he feels at all pressured he may lose the progress he's made.
I cared for a family of ferals one year. There were 3 to begin with. One died, one stayed feral, and the big grey male got to where he would sit on my lap and purr his heart out OUTSIDE.
Later he would come in and eat right inside the door, and then he would eat in the cat carrier right inside the door, and then I trapped and rehomed him. Sorry I did not know about TNR at that time. I feel a bit bad about that.
But whatever you do, HE WILL MAKE THE MOVES. YOU just provide the love.
Oh, and baked chicken once a week helped.
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Thank you Kathy Lou for the advice. I am really new to ferals -
done lots and lots of strays and even snatched a few
kitties not being cared for (like the flame pt. Siamese look alike
the vet said he'd the biggest balls he'd ever seen - he was
completely a love ball, but getting in fights - no one knew
his owner and there were no collar or tags or chip- so I up and had him done and then released him. If it was a breeder/owner letting him roam
then shame on him/her for letting that cat out unaltered!!)

But I really do want to make Maj. Grey into "my cat". I
have such hopes for him. He's come SUCH a long way.
He watches me with my youngest cat Lexi all the time.

She's completely tame (and now rehabed from being a biter)
and when she was a stray/abandoned - I think
he was the cat that took her under his wing and showed
her how to live outside until I found her.

Romantic of me, but I always think
Maj. Grey "knew" to bring her to me!!

Maj. Grey is doing so well. I will try not to spook him.
He seems to want to be talked to by me - he responds to
the verbal tones I think. Does he just want attention
but not petting?? He has seen Lexi and Diablo both
get petted and carried. And be let in and out.

I wonder if he's modeling his behavior based on what
he's observed with Lexi?? She seems to give him
confidence. He's even seen me playing with her...

Now if he'd just use his shelter and learn that no matter
what noise outside the yard - no one can get INTO the
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