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I found this qiuz very accurate!

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Obviously with all of the quizes I am posting I have found a great site. I just took this identity test & it is me dead on. http://www.emode.com/emode/tests/five_factor.jsp . It was amazing on how close it described me! Give it a try!
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Well, the test was pretty accurate! Thanks adymarie
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I went to the site too. I took a personality test, and found out I am a secret agent. Actually, the test pretty much hit the nail on the head. It revealed traits that are not always obvious to people around me, but quite accurate.
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Your medium score in the Openness category means that you are moderately interested in the creative arts. You probably show some real imagination at certain times, or display a strong curiosity towards the new. But these moments are balanced by a more practical focus on the pragmatic concerns and realities of everyday life. Rather than letting your mind wander too far, you prefer to remain relatively focused. These aspects of your personality reflect a character somewhere between a conservative and a dreamer.

Your high score in the Conscientiousness category means that you feel a strong compulsion towards duty and responsibility. You are probably a very organized person, and pride yourself on your professional competence. Work is a very high priority in your life, and defines your vision of success. You have a careful attitude towards making decisions, and think them through carefully. With such a strong conscience, and a devotion to accomplishment, it's likely that you're considered extremely dependable.


Your low score in the Extraversion category indicates that your have an introverted social identity. Given the choice, you prefer keeping to yourself. Your independent nature is characterized by a reserved and steady demeanor. You keep to the background, and probably maintain a relatively quiet and inactive social life. Your social style earns you the reputation as somewhat aloof, because you don't care much for company. Your emotional state is quite reserved, and you are seldom known for qualities of exuberance.

The Agreeableness category refers to your social disposition. Your high score indicates your tendency to forego your own desires for the sake of others - sometimes to a fault. You are probably known as a kind and modest person who is willing to overlook your own needs for the interest of the group. You believe in creating harmony among people, to the point where you can sometimes act a bit dependent. With your straightforward style of communication and your sentimental nature, this isn't hard for you. You tend to see the world by the light you cast - as honest and genuine.

Negative Emotionality refers to your emotional reactivity. Your medium score means that you're someone who negotiates your emotions depending on your situation. Sometimes you may feel quite sensitive and emotional, while other times you may remain resilient to outside pressures. This quality of adaptation best describes your emotional character. You maintain a rational outlook, which is moderated by feelings. For example, you can sometimes feel sad, stressed, worried or embarrassed under the weight of a situation, but you are able to act quite calm and reserved, without yielding to the stress. Responsive, without being overly reactive, is the best way to describe you.
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I have to say the test was pretty accurate too!!
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Well, it was certainly the ideal me, when I'm not such a basket case as I've been the last few weeks. It gives me hope that once circumstances settle down, I'll be myself again. And really, I've missed me!
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I think mine was pretty much correct.
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That was so cool!! Spot on!!
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Mine was pretty accurate too!
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