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HELP!!My Cat is not eating!!

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I need some help!! I just gave up my cat for adoption because we are moving and i was not able to take her with me. She is being kept in the family (uncle)thank goodness, because we (me and my husband and daugther) are really atached to her and one day we want to be able to take her back. I took her over to her new home on Saturday and on wednesday my uncle told me that the same amount of food that i had put on saturday was still in the bowl! So i don't know what to do. I know that it's normal for pets to go under some stress when change happens, but we are also new to this cat owning thing and i don't know when i should be concerned. Any tips? or has nayone had the same happen? please help!!
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If your cat has not eaten since Saturday there is a good chance her liver functions are shutting down which can lead to death. This kitty may have to be force fed to get her liver functioning again. Please have someone take her to a vet to have her checked as soon as possible.
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That is quite a long time for a cat not to eat, and Linda is correct the cat could be in grave danger. Sounds like he is missing you a lot and when their routine is changed they can get stressed out, stop eating and become ill. Here is an article to read, there are tips within to help a cat eat again-

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Everyone is correct, you need to get this cat eating again. If need be the vet and/or uncle needs to force feed... Not eating does cause fatty liver disease - cats, unlike people, can't convert their "fat" effectively into energy to live off - and when they start to convert fat to food for longer than a few days, develop toxins... that can lead to death.

If it were me, I'd get a nice sweaty piece of my clothing - and put it with her, near her bowl.. so she has my scent to "comfort" her. I'd put another piece of clothing (say an undershirt I've worn to bed or worked out in)
by her sleeping spot, no matter where that is (under the bed, whereever).

I'd also make a tape of my voice - and play it for her in "her" room - keep her in one room and gradually let her out to explore uncle's house.
Maybe go visit a day / night and sleep in the room with her? If its possible -
I don't know the situation.

If at all possible I'd opt for me visiting her, rather than taking to vet - vet
is so stressful and that's the last thing this kitty needs. She's obviously bonded closely to your family, and is confused and upset by the change.

To tempt her to eat : smelly foods - sardines, tuna, canned chicken w/
broth...or her favorite "treat" food. Baby food can be used in a pinch, just as long as it has NO onion or garlic powder in it...Shebs loved chicken and turkey organic babyfood when she was getting over her tummy upset.

Diablo insisted on having cooked chicken or canned chicken w/ broth. (Which I happily roasted and cooked for him, I was that glad to have him
eating and pooping again!!)
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Thanks so much for your help!!
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Let us know what happens!!
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A couple of other things my vet had us try when my parents cat wasn't eating was syring (I got baby medicine syring) with pumpkin or vanilla yogurt - the more fat the better. They also suggested Bonito and Anchovie Paste oh and baby food too. It was tough to get it in her but I felt for the little girl and she was lapping it up eventually. I am sure it is hard to be leaving your angel, let us they are doing.
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