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That time of year again!

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Well, some of you may remember Minx and Indie being only a few months old last christmas, and spent alot of time up the christmas tree! And I posted the picture below of minx yawning after a tiring climb...

Well this year I thought yeh they're adult cats, the tree won't bother them this year.....wrong! They were chewing it before it was even up or had decorations on! Minx was up it most of the night, and after getting up several times at 5am the other morning to get Minx out of it, I left her to it inwhich she settled down and slept between the branches! The next day Indie decided to climb to the top, it wobbled...Indie flew one way, the tree the other! below are some pics of this years adventure...

Minx feeling tired

Indie before all the decorations went on

I did tell them that Santa wouldn't bring them presents if they trashed the tree...my daughter looked at me, shook her head and told me i'm tragic!

Seriously though...anyone know how to stop cats getting in the christmas tree?
Obviously can't have my lights on incase they chew through them so if there is a way you stop yours I'd love to hear how!
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Awww the very reason why i won't put my tree up because it was bad enough when i just had Rosie, and Sophies " Little Miss No Fear "

I have lights wrapped around a large artificial tree i have in the living room and they've never touched those, but the bells i have draped over the fire mantle have been pulled down 3 times by Sophie
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Your kitties are quite a handful! How old is your daughter? She sounds like a hoot!
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My daughter is 18, together we have a low mental age

Indie isn't so hot about going in the tree since he knocked it over with him in it, so is sitting on the arm of the sofa as I type playing with whats left of the baubles, Minx is under it trying to coax him to come get her...and they were so loving their fishing rod toy! which seemed to be the only toy they were interested in, that's now laying redundant with a zillion other toys!
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haha! Mine like playing with the baubles on the tree, but have yet to think of climbing in. Paige sleeps under the tree though, LOL
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I have yet to find a way to keep mine out of the tree. Yesterday I came home to find two broken balls and the bottom garland off the tree. Vanna who is 2yrs old now climbed 3/4 of the way up the tree last night. I have a big tree but she sure sent that thing swing back and forth. The kittens just seem to play with the decorations hanging from the tree. I don't think they have figured out it makes a good scratching post yet.

So I'm the last one who could offer any advise. Sorry!
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I'm going to strip it completely and start again...whatever will be will be! At the moment wrapping paper is keeping them amused...yeh who am I kidding
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