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New toy joy!!

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I bought one of those scratching-disk-with-mouse-included toys today - instant success!!

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oooohhhh where did you buy it from Sarah? I have never seen them in stores over here...

looks like she is having a great time!
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Believe it or not .... .... Red Dot!! It was $10. What a bargain!
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I could see my two play with that
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I've just noticed - for such a tiny kitty, she looks pregnant in that second shot!!!
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Pfffttt certain ways she sits you should see the size of Sophie
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We have those here.. I bet my boys would love it.. I just haven't bought one for them yet.
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Tee-hee! Cute! Get it, get it!
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LOL! Even Sunday went mental over it last night - and she never plays with anything!! It was so funny Max couldn't believe it. I have a couple of pics of her to post when I get home...
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My Tiki looks alot like that ...I love little greys! Very cute!

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You definitely go your money's worth! My cats are very picky about toys...
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How cute....my Kallie loves her toy like that
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My two love theirs as well. Their kitty cousin gave it to them one year for Christmas. When I opened it, she was all "Here, let me show you how it works!" It was hilarious - one kitty demonstrating the proper use of a toy for the other two.
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